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Mobile? Go Global!

Israeli Mobile Technology Talks the Talk by Going Global From the Get-Go When it comes to breaking into today’s mobile market, it’s crucial to think global from the get go. Take Samsung, LG, and other

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Grand Challenges Israel announces 10 global health innovations

FM Liberman and Canadian FM John Baird

Innovators from Israel receive seed grants for bold ideas, tackling issues in global public Health and food security in low-resource nations. The winners of the Grand Challenges Israel 2014 Awards were announced this week by Foreign

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Tel aviv ranked 2nd in the world after the silicon valley in Start Up Ecosystem


For Silicon Valley entrepreneurs seeking the next-best tech hub, plan to spend at least 17 hours on planes. Eventually, you’ll make your way to Tel Aviv, which was ranked the No. 2 startup ecosystem in

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What Startups Can Learn The “Startup Nation”


What is the best way to create the type of innovative, entrepreneurial ecosystem? Some of the lessons which have helped Israel transform into an international powerhouse in hi-tech innovation – with the highest ratio of

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Indo-Israel Agricultural Cooperation Project enters third phase

AGRICULTURE MINISTER Yair Shamir meets with India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi (top) and agricultural partners in Gujarat.. (photo credit:EMBASSY OF ISRAEL IN INDIA)

Israel and India signed a declaration this week toward advancing the third phase of the Indo-Israel Agricultural Cooperation Project. On the sidelines of the Vibrant Gujarat Summit in western India on Sunday, the countries declared

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From Bible to Boutique: Israeli Wines Come of Age


Ask some wine drinkers what ‘Israeli wines’ conjure up and many would describe a sweet, sticky concoction served at your average bar mitzvah. Indeed, for the first century-and-a-half of the Holy Land’s rejuvenated wine industry,

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How Much India Can Save fruits and Vegetable losses with Israeli Technology that Extends Shelf Life of Produce

Post harvest Technologies

Wal-Mart, SunPacific, Pepsico, FritoLay and BASF are testing Pimi Agro CleanTech’s technology to keep food from rotting before reaching the market. Nimrod Ben-Yehuda is on a mission: to feed millions of starving children worldwide. Not,

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A Virtual tour to Volcani Center–World leader in agricultural research

Lichter showing off Volcani apples

A glimpse inside the government-funded Volcani Agricultural Research Organization, where 70 percent of Israel’s farming innovations are born. By Rivka Borochov Look to an Israeli advance in agriculture and there is a good chance that

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Israel’s Biggest Solar Energy Plant Underway


As published in Globes: The Energix solar energy project at Neot Hovav will supply power for 40,000 homes. Energix Renewable Energies Ltd. (ENRG) of the Alony Hetz Property and Investments Ltd. group controlled by Nathan

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Elbit Systems Wins $106m Brazilian Navy Upgrade


As reported in Globes: Elbit Systems will upgrade four Grumman C-1A aircraft at its M7 Aerospace unit in San Antonio, Texas. Defense electronics company Elbit Systems Ltd. recently announced that its wholly-owned US subsidiary, Elbit

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