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StoreDot, which charges smartphone battery in 30 Seconds, will soon charge cars in 5 minutes!

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By Jonathan Neff, Source: NoCamels One of last year’s viral tech videos was of StoreDot’s phenomenal technology, which charged a Samsung smartphone in just 30 seconds. Now the very same Israeli startup is racing to develop a brand

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Israeli Top Innovations at Agritech Tel-Aviv 2015

If you want to know what will be the future in agriculture and Agro Technology, Agritech Tel Aviv is the place to be. The exhibition took place this year in April and was rich with

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Israeli Pavilion at IBC2015


Since 1967, IBC has grown to become the most influential annual event for professionals engaged in the creation, management and delivery of electronic media, worldwide. Originally the International Broadcasting Convention, IBC

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Home device turns trash into biogas


Source: European Biogass Association HomeBioGas’s TevaGas (TG) device is the first family-sized digester made available on the market, which, according to Marketing Director Ami Amir, “is as easy to use

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The IMF released a preliminary report of the Israeli economy for 2015

The Bank of Israel published that IMF mission, headed by Mr. Bas Bakker, presented the Minister of Finance, Mr. Moshe Kahlon., and the Governor of the Bank of Israel, Dr. Karnit Flug, with its

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It takes a smart country to design smart cities


By Abigail Klein Lichtman, full article on Israel21C! Imagine a city so smart it can guide you to a parking spot, tell you when the bus is coming, turn on street lights and

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What is ‘FinTech’ And Why Is Israel So Good At It?

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By Maya Yarowsky, Source: NoCamels FinTech’ is a term you may have encountered in the tech news headlines and wondered what the connection is between finance, a sector heavily-burdened with century-old institutions, and technology,

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Israel: Innovations overcoming water scarcity


By Ariel Rejwan and Yossi Yaacoby, Watech, Mekorot Published in the OECD Observer, Issue 302, April 2015 Overcoming the challenges of an arid climate and scarce natural water reserves has always been

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TravelersBox: Converting foreign coins into digital currency


Written by Roy Goldenberg, source: Israel Globes Three Israeli thirty-somethings – Zussman, Deshe and Blumenthal – founded TravelersBox at the end of 2012, a brilliant solution for converting those foreign coins

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5th International Cyber Security Conference in Tel Aviv

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In the past few years, Israel has been developing “a national cyber defensive envelope” – a multi-layered cyber defense strategy leveraging automated computerized systems and highly-trained experts that provide intelligence, early

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