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EatWith, The Airbnb For Home-Cooked Meals, Bags ProSieben’s €4 Million Prize

EatWith, The Airbnb For Home-Cooked Meals, Bags ProSieben’s €4 Million Prize

Companies like AirBnb and Uber have been at the forefront of a whole new way of doing business, known as the “sharing economy”. And investors are paying close attention, encouraging their startups to move away from the

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Keren Elazari @ Belgian Internet Security Conference

Belgian Security Conference

Last week Thursday, November 27th, Belnet, together with several public entities and private sponsors, hosted the fourth Belgian Internet Security Conference at The Egg, the impressive congress and meeting center

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Windward and CyberSeal win security innovation award


Source: Globes Israel At last week’s annual Homeland Security (HLS) Conference in Tel Aviv, the Chief Scientist at the Ministry of the Economy announced the winners of the Homeland Security and Cyber

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Israel’s Homeland Security Industry: Utilizing Innovation To Keep Us Safe

With the opening of One World Trade Center where the Twin Towers once stood, we are again reminded of the continuing threat global terrorism poses to our freedom and way

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Israeli salt company wins prestigious innovation awards @ SIAL 2014

sial 2014

Three novel products developed by Israeli company Melach Haaretz through an OCS program win prestigious awards at SIAL Innovation Selection 2014, beating thousands of products from around the world. (Communicated by the Office

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Israel at Medica 2014: inscriptions are open!

Medica general

Following the huge success of the Israeli Pavilion at Medica 2013, where our international network of trade offices succeeded in organizing more than 1.100 prescheduled meetings in total, the commercial department of the Israeli Embassy

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Israel’s universal flu vaccine heads for universal acceptance


With new patent approvals, BiondVax is ready to license its unique influenza treatment to pharma firms and governments. Source: Times of Israel, Author: David Shamah

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HLS 2014: The cyber-security capital of the world

israel cyber capital

Source: Israel21c, Author Viva Sarah Press  It’s no secret that the newest cyber-security and cyber-defense software is being coded in Israel. In fact, in early 2014, multinational players IBM, Cisco, EMC,

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Medica 2014: Health solutions can also be fun it’s all a question of finding the right game

Meet BioGaming, an Israeli startup company funded by the Israeli Office of the Chief Scientist and private investors. Founded in 2012, BioGaming is now ready for penetrating the market with a revolutionizing

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IBC 2014: This time, it’s business

IBC 2014

Great impression on the past IBC event in Amsterdam, written by our UK Chief Of Staff colleague Daniel Saunders. After an extremely intensive week, there is now an eerie silence

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