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Everything you need to know about the “Internet of Things”


Machine-to-machine connectivity will completely change how you manage your home, health, family, car, business and leisure time. By Abigail Klein Leichman, source: Israel21C The Internet of Things will completely transform

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Agritech and AgriVest 2015


In a country where more than half the area is desert, the ideal of ‘making the desert bloom’ was essential to the core beliefs of the pioneers who established of the modern State of Israel.

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Exit Nation: Israeli Startups Sell For $860 Million In First Four Weeks Of 2015

start up

By Einat Paz-Frankel In the course of the first four weeks of the year, Israeli startup companies sold for a record $860 million, and observers expect large corporations to extend their shopping spree in Startup Nation

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Israel is going Mobile


With a tiny local market, Israeli startups in particular have no choice but to think globally from day one. For them, it was never about trying to figure out what kind of technology will suit

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From Startup Nation to Cyber-Nation

Recent hi-visibility hacks on corporate giants like Sony, Target and Home Depot and government institutions like the U.S. Central Command have made it clear that in today’s networked world, cyber-criminals, cyber-terrorists and state-sponsored hackers are

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Israel 5th in Bloomberg tech innovation ranking, ahead of US & UK

bloomberg innovation

The country needs a billion-dollar ‘tech unicorn’ to break through to the top, according to  experts; Article written by David Shamah, source: Times of Israel  

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BetaGroup Awards 2015: Here are the Winners!


Yesterday evening, February 2nd, Betagroup invited the Belgian start-up community to join them at their first yearly BetaGroup Awards at the Microsoft Innovation Centre in Brussels.

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MWC 2015: Time for Business!


Many articles have been written on the Israeli capabilities in the telecom industry, many stories have been told. At the end of the day, the bottom line remains: Israel has an impressive

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Israel diamond exports rise slightly in 2014

diamant klein

In 2014, export of polished and rough diamonds from Israel totaled around $9.324 billion, as compared to $9.166 billion in 2013. Israel continues to view the American market as its primary

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Mobile? Go Global!

Israeli Mobile Technology Talks the Talk by Going Global From the Get-Go When it comes to breaking into today’s mobile market, it’s crucial to think global from the get go. Take Samsung, LG, and other

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