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U.S. hospital heads tour Israeli hospitals

This week a delegation of CEOs of hospitals from across the U.S. and Canada toured Israel’s hospitals, and were inspired by the state-of-the-art facilities and high level care, according to an article in  The Media Line.  Even with smaller budgets, Israel’s hospitals are able to achieve a high level of technology and care, one of the results being Israel’s high life expectancy (higher then the U.S.’s).  The delegation’s 50 participants came away from the tour impressed by the advanced technology, especially by how advancements from military science in Israel make their way eventually to the health and medical arena.  Israel too is working on improving its system (there was a much publicized strike of doctors this year over wages and working hours) but still Israel’s hospitals and medical achievements were inspiring for the delegation of senior visitors.

For the full The Media Line article click here.

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