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Infrastructure giant Veolia committed to its activity in Israel

The Marker provides an in-depth interview with Denis Gasquet, senior executive vice president of Veolia, following the Tomorrow’s Environment conference organized by TheMarker and Veolia Israel, Gasquet is quoted as saying “The activity in Israel is important to us. There are good business opportunities here, and the financial and legal environment is good. We know we can rely on our partners here for the long term. Another reason for this is that there is a lot of technological innovation here. We already have cooperative ventures on various subjects, which are supposed to serve as a model for other countries.” As a huge international company (headquartered in France) which employees 300,000 people around the globe and listed revenues of 34.8 billion euros in 2010, Veolia has to contend at times with political pressure from pro-Palestinian groups. However Gasquet emphasizes in this article his commitment to the exceptionally profitable and stable activity in Israel.

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