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A Messege From: Ronen Katz Director of Human Resources Development


During the last few years we have expanded significantly the amount of training and conferences for our network of trade officers around the world.

We have conducted conferences in Israel and abroad for new and more experienced trade officers and around sectors such as R&D, HLS and Consumer Goods.

In this context I would like to mention the conference we held recently in North America and in Asia in which we strengthened the connection to the Foreign Trade Administration and the trade officers,dealt with issues such as how to assist our clients in the best way via the ERM, delegations, visit and many more issues.

From July 24th we will host around 20 trade officers in two conferences:

One focusing in health care for the Chinese market, and another focusing in energy.

The purpose of those conferences is to increase the knowledge of the trade officers about specific sectors of the Israel economy in a way that will improve their ability to market Israel and Israeli companies once they return home.

In recent week we have also conducted feedback conversations with the trade officers.

This allowed us to discuss previous year’s activities and to set goals for the following year.

We will be happy to receive your comments, remarks and suggestions.


Ronen Katz

Director of Human Resources Development,

The Foreign Trade Administration