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FTA team at MWC2017- providing the next element of support for Israeli companies


New features provide better service and data to the Israeli companies and FTA
26 Trade Officers from 23 countries covered this year’s MWC, which opened on Feb 27th and closed on March 2nd, providing quality meetings for 65 participating Israeli companies, thus covering the largest Israeli national pavilion at an exhibition.


During the event a new tool was launched providing the Trade Officers the ability to update the GES immediately through their smartphones and tablets with on spot and pre-scheduled meetings that took place. Therefore, the need for the Trade Officers to update the GES after returning back to their respective commercial office became obsolete.

Moreover, another tool was launched during the event which provides a B2B management system for the participating Israeli companies. The system allows the Israeli companies to manage their meeting schedule and grade the meetings they had so they can follow up on the more relevant meetings once they are back to Israel. The system also provides the FTA the ability to run a deep analysis on the quality of each and every meeting at the exhibition.

These tools will be available from now on in global and regional events.