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China Earmarks Key Industries for Air Pollution Control and Cleaner Production Techniques


On July 2nd, Chinese Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) published “Proposals for Promoting Cleaner Production Techniques in Key Industries for the Prevention and Control of Air Pollution” (hereinafter referred as

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Shanghai To Implement Pilot Imported Wine Tracking System


In the past fake imported wines have been a major problem for Chinese consumers. Counterfeiters have demonstrated an increased ability and technological capacity to forge high-end wines. Remarkably at least half of

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Israel Financial Software Delegation

Israel financial software delegation The Israeli software had successfully applied in global telecommunications, finance, retail, healthcare, government and manufacturing industries. In the last few years, Israeli companies strengthen their R&D abilities and investment in information

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Israeli Start-Up Invents Vibrating Capsule To Release Intestinal “Traffic Jams”

Uncomfortable cramping and bloating are just some of the symptoms that the millions suffering from constipation, the most common health disorder, experience. In fact over 42 million Americans, one-seventh of the population of the United

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2014-15 Israel-Asia Leaders Fellowship for Chinese students studying in Israel


      Opportunity for Asian students studying at universities in Israel over 2014-15 Applications are now open for the 2014-15 Israel-Asia Leaders Fellowship. The part-time program provides Asian students studying

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AQSIQ Officially Recognizes 95 Importers and 127 Brands of Imported Infant Formula


Following the issuance of the list of China CNCA-approved overseas infant formula manufacturers, AQSIQ promulgated the first batch of importers and bands of imported infant formula on 29 May and updated it

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China Drafts a Revised List of 8203 Existing Cosmetic Ingredients (IECIC 2014)


On May 30, 2014, CFDA opened for the second phase of public consultation on the Inventory of Existing Cosmetic Ingredients in China (IECIC 2014). The revised list includes 8203 cosmetic ingredients that

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An Israeli scientist is introducing the Opto-Phone: an ‘eavesdropper’ device that can hear you from a long distance!

The Opto-Phone detects long-distance sound vibrations and turns them into words. A device developed by an Israeli scientist can pick up conversations from hundreds of feet away without a microphone. “Using a laser beam with

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The 2014 Mobile Asia Expo (MAE) hosted by GSMA will be held in Shanghai New International Expo Center from June 11 to 13, 2014. With over 20,000 visitors and global Participation

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2014 China Dental Show


The 2014 CSA Annual Meeting & 2014 China Dental Show (Shanghai) co-hosted by CSA and Reed Sinopharm will be held in Shanghai Everbright Convention & Exhibition Center from September 25 to 28,

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