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China Unicom likely to adopt FDD LTE

China Unicom, the only WCDMA operator in China, may adopt FDD LTE as its 4G mobile telecom standard, according to China-based media reports.

While China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) plans to assign the frequency spectrum 2,500-2,690 MHz with bandwidth of 190MHz for TD-LTE, China Unicom is willing to use 1,940-1,955MHz and 2,130-2,145MHz, the frequency bands currently for WCDMA operations, for upgrades to FDD LTE, a way to move to 4G with the least cost, the reports pointed out. MIIT is likely to approve China Unicom’s plans, the reports indicated.

China Unicom has begun FDD LTE testing, with results being quite unsatisfactory so far, the reports noted.

In addition, China Telecom, the only CDMA 2000 operator in China, may also choose FDD LTE for 4G operations in the future through using 1,920-1,935MHz and 2,110-2,125MHz , currently used for CDMA 2000, the reports pointed out.

this article is from C114 website

Oct 24th, 2012

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