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At a Glance: QS mark

The Industrial Product Manufacturing Licence, also known as the Quality and Safety or QS mark

1.       The Industrial Product Manufacturing License is a domestic requirement that applies to manufacturing facilities within China. The license is therefore only relevant for those companies who wish to set up manufacturing facilities in China with the intention to sell to the Chinese market.

2.       The manufacturing license is best known as a quality mark for food and beverage products, but the mark is applied widely across 64 product categories including a number of household products, all listed in the “Catalogue of industrial products subject to production licensing management”, last updated in September 2010 (See Annex 1 ).

3.       Despite the quality and safety logo, the manufacturing license is really a production permit to be obtained before commercial sales on the Chinese market can begin. In addition to the manufacturing license other certificates will often apply, such as the CCC mark. 

4.        The Quality and Quarantine authority of China – AQSIQ – is the responsible authority in charge of managing the manufacturing license and on-site inspections are carried out at provincial level.

5.       High risk products such as food, beverages, hazardous chemicals and cosmetics will have more stringent regulations applied, and additional implementation rule; it should also be noted that at provincial level additional requirements may also apply. This is particularly the case for food production where local authorities often stipulate specific requirements relevant to the local conditions and geographical location.

Application – certification, submission and costs

The manufacturing license application procedure can generally be divided into a 4-step process:

1. Application – The required documentation is submitted to the competent authorities.

2. On-site review and product sampling – Inspection and review of the production facility taking up to 3 days and, depending on the product in question, sampling may be necessary.

3. Evaluation – Decision is made if manufacturing license is granted or not within 10 working days.

4. Licensing and labeling.

After successful certification, each product should be labeled with the QS mark in accordance with labeling guidelines

** License renewal – The license is valid for 5 years. Local AQSIQ authorities will carry out compliance inspection during this period and the license renewal application should start 6 months before expiration.

**It generally takes 2 months from submitting an application to approval of the manufacturing license. However, this timeframe will differ slightly from province to province.

** The industrial product manufacturing license is relatively inexpensive to obtain – Administrative costs include around EUR 250 per production line, not including the sample test if deemed necessary. The factory inspection is usually free, however the cost covering the inspector’s travel expenses may be charged.

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