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Berlin & München, Deutschland

Palram Germany Plant Manager / MD

Palram Germany GmbH
Wilhelm-Dümling-Str. 7, 39218, Schönebeck
+ 49 (0) 3928 421140
+ 49 151 292 66233
Moti Dinstag

Job Description:

Managing all departments within the plant include production, logistics, HR, performing with all production plans, raw materials and consumables.

Main Responsibility


Main Tasks:

  • Managing all plant departments
  • Coordination between all plant departments, putting goals to each department and monitoring achievements
  • Responsibilities to training and knowledge preservation
  • Managing the Employees welfare, personal meetings, discipline, Complements, Salaries.
  • Recruitment new employees, dismissal

Main Responsibility


Main Tasks:

  • Production planning according to capabilities and customer needs & requests.
  • Managing production meetings, daily/weekly bases.
  • In-charge on raw materials, planning of the purchasing of raw materials, working closely with European Purchasing manager.
  • Solving production problems, open bottle neck.
  • Solving production crisis with suppliers, materials, purchasing.
  • Working closely with suppliers to introduce new materials, better materials
  • Conducting tests for new materials to improve production or prices
  • Overall responsibility on QA, Claim resolving, corrective & preventive actions
  • Full control on site and its area


Job Requirements


  • Engineer, Business Administration or any other relevant degree
  • Fluent speaking / writing English must have the knowledge to “perform” in English as well as German.

Capabilities and Skills

  • Responsibility
  • Wide vision (wide picture eyes)
  • Solving problems capability
  • Working under pressure
  • Technical knowledge and background
  • Managing and leading management and teams
  • Knowledge in SAP management system
  • Must have knowledge in QA and QA processes, Further experience in QA is required.
  • Need to have experience with implementing ISO in production environment.

Reporting to:

Palram Europe MD

Reporting from:

Palram Germany Management, Shift Leaders, Departments Managers