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UET Recycling Industrial Water Ltd.

UET Recycling Industrial Water Ltd.
Omer Industrial Park, POB 3006, Omer 84965
Mr. Barry Rubin

Since 1992, UET has been providing non-chemical water treatment solutions to industry for its various process water applications, with a focus on cooling towers, with engineered, innovative solutions to address issues of scale, corrosion, metal removal and bio-life.

UET searches for companies that are looking for an alternative to their current treatment programs, either because they are not effective, too costly, do not meet new government regulations regarding chemical uses and discharge, or because they wish to promote a green agenda and sustainability.


Applying a chemical engineering approach towards water treatment instead of using chemical additives.


UET’s technology replaces water treatment solutions that are based on chemical additives, water softeners and water conditioning, allowing continuous re-use of water

Area of operation: Water treatment – for industry, drinking, desalination and others


• Economic advantage
• Technical advantage
• Water conservation
• Prevents the use of hazardous materials
• No additives discharge to sewage systems or the environment

All of UET’s products and services comply with international standards and ISO 9001:2008 & ISO 14001:2004.