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Metalicone Technologies

Metalicone is a super precision Metal production manufacturer in Israel, with a daughter company in Germany – Metalicone Gmbh. METALICONE Throughout the years Metalicone became a second name to a precision machined parts and systems


Otomedics Advanced Medical Technologies Ltd.

Otomedics has developed a new, anatomically designed tympanostomy tube that improves treatment of middle ear conditions and minimizes these complications. Thousands of Otomedics tubes have been implanted in patients in the United States, with highly


Best Grow Ltd.

Best Grow is a young dynamic fruit and vegetable supplier offering high quality fruit and vegetables from the lush fields of Southern Israel. The company is interested in making contact with chain store buyers and


Leguimatt Cargo

Leading and well-known manufacturer of fashion boots is looking for new clients and/or new distributors. Please contact to get more information. Leguimatt Cargo is a company specializing in 2 main areas: Cargo – International shipping,



As an industrial designer, I highly appreciate the approach taken by the German firm’s standards and high production quality. I find introducing you my patent-pending (+Utility model in Germany) DOUBLE FOLDING CHAIR, a right move


Grossman, Singer, Gilad & Co., Law Office

Grossman, Singer, Gilad & Co. has acquired a singular specialization in fields of international trade, international goods sales, freight forwarding and customs agencies, logistics, international transportation, maritime law, air and marine cargo insurance, professional liability


Sunny Dan Ltd.

Sunny Dan specializes in growing and distributing fresh peppers. The company is already exporting its product to different markets in Europe and is interested in extending his markets abroad, and for that purpose is looking


Stone by Stone Mosaics

STONE BY STONE was set up in 1994 and is one of the leading companies in its field. STONE BY STONE is involved with the development, production and marketing of original creative materials such as


YSM for Building Ltd.

Y.S.M. FOR BUILDING core activity is developing cutting edge technologies and products for the building industry, mainly in the fields of revolutionary waterproofing sealing membranes, thermal insulation and building systems. The CTI (Combined Thermal insulation) technology and


Kooper International

Kooper® is the ultimate urban transporter. It knows the best places around, and the smoothest ways to get there. Think of a whole new type of e-scooter: strong but light, fast and eco-friendly, fun