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India-Israel Cooperation in Health Care Arena Poised for Major Advancement

Med in Israel; 23-26 March 2015; Tel Aviv

Promotion of Indo-Israel Cooperation in Health care and Diagnostic segment Gearing up for Med In Israel 2015 being held during 23-26 March 2015 in Tel Aviv, Israel. The health care and diagnostic

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Hop On; Israeli Start up solving all ticketing woos in public transport

Hopon Israel

HopOn smart mobile payment and ticketing platform for public transport takes the simplification of ticketing to a new level. In any city in India or infact in the world, we have all had the experience of

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Israel to enhance cooperation with Andhra Pradesh and Telangana

Ambassador Daniel Carmon with Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh Mr. N Chandrababu Naidu in Hyderabad

Israel to enhance cooperation with Andhra Pradesh and Telangana New Delhi, December 9, 2014: Ambassador Daniel Carmon paid a two-day visit to the city of Hyderabad on December 8-9, 2014. During his visit, he met

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This Israeli startup makes robots that dry clean solar panels


Every night, nearly a hundred robots come to life in the arid desert of southern Israel and get busy cleaning rows and rows of solar panels. The robots are designed by startup Ecoppia as an alternative

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Sustainable Nation: Israel Has Become a World-Leader in Technologies which Help Power Our Planet Cleanly

This November, Israel signed an agreement to join a cleantech common market of 41 countries which among other things, stipulates cancelling taxes on environmentally-friendly products. Meanwhile earlier this year, Israel was named as

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Israel’s Homeland Security Industry: Utilizing Innovation To Keep Us Safe

With the opening of One World Trade Center where the Twin Towers once stood, we are again reminded of the continuing threat global terrorism poses to our freedom and way

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From Bionic Legs to Video Games for Physical Therapy: What Makes Israel’s Medical Device Sector Click?


  The global medical device industry is revolutionizing the way we care for and heal ourselves: from bionic eyes to robotic limbs to smartphone apps that measure our vital signs to helmets that can cure

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Welcome of Israel’s National Security Advisor in India

Ambassador of Israel to India Mr. Daniel Carmon, India's NSA Mr. Ajit Doval, Israel's NSA Mr. Joseph Cohen and Union Home Minister of India Mr. Rajnath Singh

Welcome of Israel’s National Security Advisor in India The National Security Advisor of the State of Israel, Mr. Joseph Cohen, concluded today a three-day visit to Delhi. Participating in the Munich Security Conference core group

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Health solutions can also be fun it’s all a question of finding the right game- BioGaming

Meet BioGaming, an Israeli startup company funded by the Israeli Office of the Chief Scientist and private investors. Founded in 2012, BioGaming is now ready for penetrating the market with a revolutionizing

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India-Israel Cooperation in Water Arena Poised for Major Advancement

Commercial Attache Yoni Ben Zaken opening up sessions

India-Israel Cooperation in Water Arena Poised for Major Advancement India’s critical water situation, with major pollution issues and a vast population, is well-known. The Indian water industry understands that Israeli water technology companies hold the

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