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Be a Part of Agriculture Delegation to Agritech 2015, Israel from India

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Dear Friends and Colleagues, It’s with utmost pleasure that we invite you to attend agritech 2015. We all agree that everyone of us is witnessing far-reaching changes in the agriculture industry – due to the

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Visit Israeli Pavilion @ International Dental Show 2015


36th International Dental Show Cologne, Germany 10 – 14 March 2015 International contact exchange for the dental industry Taking place every two years, IDS in Cologne is the top event for the international dental sector.

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Israel’s Going Mobile


With a tiny local market, Israeli startups in particular have no choice but to think globally from day one. For them, it was never about trying to figure out what kind of technology will suit

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From Startup Nation to Cyber-Nation


Recent hi-visibility hacks on corporate giants like Sony, Target and Home Depot and government institutions like the U.S. Central Command have made it clear that in today’s networked world, cyber-criminals, cyber-terrorists and state-sponsored hackers are

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Health Nation: Israeli Medical Innovation for a Healthier World


Imagine there’s a wearable patch for treating diabetes that replaces daily injections, or a way to test for lung cancer just by breathing through your nose, or a laser device the size of an electric

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Start-up map for you to easily find Israeli tech and Startups


The map showing clusters of start-ups in Tel Aviv Israel has long been known as the “startup nation” thanks to the hundreds of start-ups, with scores more founded every year. Entrepreneur Ben Lang, who returned

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SCOUTING TECHNOLOGY? FOLLOW THE CROWD TO ISRAEL By any barometer last week was a banner week in Israel when measured by foreign direct investment inflows. In just one seven day period, foreign purchases of Israeli

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Mobile? Go Global!

Israeli Mobile Technology Talks the Talk by Going Global From the Get-Go When it comes to breaking into today’s mobile market, it’s crucial to think global from the get go. Take Samsung, LG, and other

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Grand Challenges Israel announces 10 global health innovations

FM Liberman and Canadian FM John Baird

Innovators from Israel receive seed grants for bold ideas, tackling issues in global public Health and food security in low-resource nations. The winners of the Grand Challenges Israel 2014 Awards were announced this week by Foreign

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Tel aviv ranked 2nd in the world after the silicon valley in Start Up Ecosystem


For Silicon Valley entrepreneurs seeking the next-best tech hub, plan to spend at least 17 hours on planes. Eventually, you’ll make your way to Tel Aviv, which was ranked the No. 2 startup ecosystem in

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