Industry, Trade and Labor Division

Israel's Permanent Mission to the OECD

About Us

Israel’s Permanent Mission to the OECD  handles issues related to the fields of industry, trade and employment. The Israeli delegation to the OECD is composed of representatives from the Ministries of Economy, Foreign Affairs, and Finance.

Trade, Industry and Labor Affairs Division

Our Division provides policy analysis and information to the headquarters at the Capital, based on the work of the OECD…

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Our Staff

Mrs. Rita Golstein-Galperin

Economic Attaché- Head of the Industry Trade and Labor Affairs Division.

A lawyer by training, Mrs. Golstein-Galperin had joined the Legal Department of the Ministry of Industry Trade and Labor in 2007…

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Mr. Avishai Azriel

Trade and Investment Advisor

Prior of joining Israel Permanent Mission to the OECD, Mr. Azriel has worked at the Mission of Israel to the WTO and at the Economic Affairs Division in the Department for International Agreement and International Litigation in Israel Ministry of Justice…

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Mrs. Ira Szmuk

Industry, Labor and Territorial Development Advisor

Prior of joining Israel Permanent Mission to the OECD, she has worked as a senior accountant at PWC Israel, Tel Aviv office, managing audit engagements of private and public firms…

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Mr. Itamar Roi

Web and Content, Itrade Advisor

Mr Roi holds a BA in Political Science and International Relations from the Open University of Israel (with honors). Prior of joining Israel Permanent Mission to the OECD…

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Ministry of Economy

The Ministry is the leading economic Ministry in Israel promoting inclusive growth for the Israeli markets and society…

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Foreign Trade Administration

The Israeli Foreign Trade Administration at the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Labor, is responsible for managing and directing the international trade policy of the State of Israel…

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Israel &The OECD

On September 7th 2010, Israel completed its accession process and became the 33rd member country of the organization. Like all members of the Organization, Israel is represented at the OECD by both a Permanent Mission and visiting delegates…

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