Industry, Trade and Labor Division

Israel's Permanent Mission to the OECD

Our Staff

Mrs. Lena Zieger

Economic Attaché- Head of the Industry Trade and Labor Affairs Division.

Lena Zieger began working at the Ministry of economy and industry at the chief scientist division and in 2009 joined the Foreign Trade Administration as director for multinational trade agreements. Lena led the negotiations on the Government Procurement Agreement in World Trade Organization (WTO) and coordinated Israel accession process to the OECD. In 2011-2016 Lena led the field of multinational trade agreements in the service sectors, as part of negotiations for free trade agreements. Lena graduated from Hebrew University (BA in psychology and economics and MBA, specializing in the study of the European Union). Mrs. Zeiger has taken the post of head of this division at the Mission in august 2016 under her supervision the Division of Trade, Industry and Labor Affairs Division provides policy analysis and information to the Ministry, based on the work of the OECD. The team promotes Israel’s priorities within the program of work of the OECD, striving to introduce Israel’s expertise into the work of the committees. Simultaneously, one of the main objectives of the division is to benefit from the OECD’s best practices analysis to improve decision making in various programs back at the Ministry in Jerusalem, whether through case studies or voluntary peer reviews.


Mr. Shai Somek, Adviser for Labour, Innovation and Local Economic Development and Director for Media and Content

Shai holds a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from Tel Aviv University and is a graduate of the international exchange program of the Sciences Po University in Paris. In Israel, Shai was a writer for technology-based websites and he assisted in the development of social media outreach for non-governmental organizations (NGOs).

Shai covers the committee for local economic and employment development with its relevant sub-committees on labour, regional development, skills, transition from school to labour market, and vocational education and training. In addition, Shai is responsible for the subject of innovation. He facilitates that Israel, as a start-up nation and leader in research and development (R&D), can share its knowledge with other member states in relevant OECD committees. As a proud geek, Shai also serves as the media and content adviser for the official website and social media (in Hebrew and English language) of the economic delegation to the OECD.

He coordinates web-based projects such as a platform that provides reports, statistics and research that are published by the different directorates of the organization. The social media outreach has the aim to create a database (in Hebrew) on economic and social matters that are relevant to our target audience (such as policy-makers and academics) as well as the Israeli public in general.


Dr. Laura Braun, Adviser for Water, SMEs and Product Safety

Laura is the latest addition to our delegation and her areas of responsibility include water governance (Israel is a world leader in water regulation, technology and infrastructure), management of small and medium enterprises which constitute the backbone of Israel’s economy, consumer policy and creation of global safety standards for products (in e-commerce). She also leads the field of green growth and circular economy, together with the administration of environment and sustainable development at the ministry of economy and industry. Laura, originally born in Germany, holds a PhD in Political Science from Tel Aviv University. Her dissertation on ethnofederalism develops regulation models for improved democratic regime performance and policy approaches for the amelioration of ethnic-based conflict.