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We all have our own fears, but is there a way to overcome them?

category: Medical, R&D
A Fear-Free World? Israeli Scientists Succeed In Erasing Memory Of Fear In Mice In a study conducted at Israel’s Weizmann Institute, researchers succeeded in shutting down a neuronal mechanism by which memories of fear are
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Intel Buys Mobileye in Biggest Ever Deal in Israeli High-tech

category: Generale, Investitii, R&D
Intel Buys Mobileye For $15.3 Billion In Biggest Deal In Israeli High-Tech History Computer chip giant Intel has agreed to buy Israeli autonomous driving company Mobileye for $15.3 billion, the biggest tech deal in Israel’s history. “Mobileye brings
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Israeli Navigation App Waze Saves Animals From Becoming Roadkill

category: R&D, Software
Carring for the wildlife with the help of technology Every year, thousands of animals are killed on Israel’s roads by unsuspecting drivers, and sadly, there’s not much the average driver can do about it. But now,
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Even though is not that time of year, you should start plan your vacation, and here is your help!

category: Generale, R&D
Virtual Travel Agent ‘RoutePerfect’ Lets You Personalize Your Dream Vacation! Dreaming of Paris, Barcelona, Lisbon and then a quick jump to Prague? Israeli startup RoutePerfect makes planning your adventure easier than a choice between a
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For all interested in agriculture/hydroponic farming out there!

category: Agricultură, R&D
Eddy The Robot Helps You Grow Veggies At Home With Hydroponic Farming. With just a tank, pipes and a pump, anyone can now grow their own vegetables at home. Hydroponic farming allows you to grow crops
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Space the final frontier!

category: Colaborari, Generale, R&D
Israeli-designed Cosmic Ray Vest Approved For Mars Trial! While it’s far too early to speculate on who will be the first humans to travel to Mars, we may have an idea of what they will wear:
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Genetically Modified Bacteria Could Eat Away The World’s Massive Plastic Problem

category: Generale
Ben Gurion University scientists  have come up with an extraordinary solution: genetically modified bacteria that feed off plastic. According to think-tank Worldwatch Institute, humans produce about 300 million tons of plastic every year, creating one of the world’s biggest
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Israeli Wearable Tech Upright Improves Posture, Reduces Back Pain

category: Generale, Medical, R&D
Nowadays we all need this new gadget to improve our posture and reduce back pain! With many of us sitting at our desks for hours every day, poor posture has become an epidemic, leading to
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Fruit Logistica 2017 – Taste Israel

category: Evenimente
Fruit Logistica 2017, 8-10 Februarie in Berlin, Germania. Misiunea Economica si Comerciala din cadrul Ambasadei Israel la Bucuresti are placerea de a va invita la evenimentul Fruit Logistica 2017 ce va avea loc in data
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Your Headphones Could Be Used To Spy On You

category: Securitate, Software
A new Israeli study shows how headphones can be used to record you, without your knowledge. Earlier this year, Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg revealed that he uses tape to cover the webcam and microphone jack of
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