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SGX woos Israeli startups for IPOs

SGX in Israel

JUL 1, 2015 5:50 AM Singapore THE Singapore Exchange (SGX) could turn into a hotbed for bite-sized Israeli tech startups hungry for capital and better visibility as they look towards Asia to expand their business

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Hackers meet their match

ISRAEL21c: Have you ever noticed that when you are visiting your bank’s website or checking out at an ecommerce site, the cursor inexplicably vanishes and you have to move your mouse to get it back? This

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Breastfeeding May Reduce Risk Of Childhood Leukemia

NoCamels: More than 3,000 American children were diagnosed with leukemia last year, according to the American Cancer Society. But these numbers could potentially drop if more mothers would breastfeed their babies for longer periods, a recent

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Preliminary IMF report of the Israeli economy for 2015

The Bank of Israel published that IMF mission, headed by Mr. Bas Bakker, presented the Minister of Finance, Mr. Moshe Kahlon., and the Governor of the Bank of Israel, Dr. Karnit Flug, with its

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The Israeli Experience

Straits Times: For over a decade, Israel has been at the forefront of innovation in tackling cyber-security challenges. The source of its relative advantage in responding to cyber threats is a unique adaptive cyber ecosystem. In

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From Oranges Nation to Startup Nation

With the establishment of the State, the citrus industry was the main export industry, with Yafo (Jaffa) oranges brand becoming identified with the young country.   The changes in Israel’s export were, some might say, revolutionary. According

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The Chinese are taking over Israeli Hi-Tech

China Loves Israel Reuters

Chinese investors are expected to be partners in half of the capital raised by Israeli venture capital funds in 2015 ■ WAWI and Fosun are already here, Alibaba, Baidu and Xiaomi will join ■ Israeli

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How a New Wave of Tech Unicorns Is Rising Out of Israel

Inc: Fresh off the success of some of Israel’s first ever tech unicorns — Waze, Wix and ironSource among others–“the startup nation’s” thriving tech-industry might be home to a new set of high-valued startups very

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OTT Opportunities for S’pore Telcos

By Kelly Tay of the Business Times: SINGAPORE’S telcos will see service monetisation opportunities arising out of the planned closure of the country’s 2G networks, said a BMI Research report released on Wednesday. This is

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Israeli Cyber Exports Double in a Year

Israeli companies exported some US $6 billion in cyber-related products and services last year, a peak figure which surpasses the amount of Israeli defense contracts signed in 2014. The latest data from Israel’s National Cyber

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