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Israeli Social Startup Uses Mobile Phones To Detect Cervical Cancer In Third-World Women


In 95 percent of cases, cervical cancer is an entirely treatable disease and can be treated for $28 in less than 40 minutes. Yet, due to lack of access to physicians and reliable medical equipment,

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Summary of Israeli High-Tech Capital Raising – Q2/2014

Capital Raised by Israeli High-Tech Companies Q1-11-Q2-14x540

» Q2/2014 late stage deals led with $450 million, an all-time high » Internet sector captured 26% of investments in H1/2014, compared with 18% in H1/2013 » H1/2014 Israeli VC fund share drops to 16%

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Labstyle’s glucometer takes diabetes care to the cloud

The Dario smartphone glucometer connects real-time to caregivers to empower diabetics in health decisions. What is so special about Dario that so excites the analysts? The kit that includes the needle, the test strips, and

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‘Man Of The World’ Moshe Safdie Designs Singapore Airport’s Incredible Bio-Dome


Architect Moshe Safdie is best known for introducing the notion of “humanizing” city living, an idea that was embodied in his at the time-revolutionary project Habitat 67 in Montreal, Canada. Now, this Israeli-born sustainable architect

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Israel’s Tech Sector Continues Surge With Nearly US$1B in Q1

Israel Microsoft

First half of 2014 called best investment period in Israeli industry’s history. Israeli high-tech firms raised $930 million in the second quarter of 2014, the sector’s strongest quarter in more than a decade. The figure,

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Microsoft said to be in talks to snap up Israeli startup Aorato


The computing giant is reportedly mulling a $200 million deal for the cybersecurity startup. A source familiar with the talks said the deal would close within two months, but neither company have yet confirmed the

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Yahoo buys Israeli streaming startup RayV


High-quality video platform ‘perfect fit’ for internet corporation’s foray into on-demand entertainment market Yahoo announced Friday it has bought an Israel-based startup specializing in streaming high-quality video to computers and mobile devices Yahoo did not

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Fourth telco hopeful MyRepublic attracts S$30m from investors


SINGAPORE — Local fibre broadband service provider MyRepublic, which hopes to become the Republic’s fourth telco operator, has raised more than S$30 million in funding from two investors, laying down the

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Meet The “NaNose” Breathalyzer Test Device: An Israeli-American-British Development That Sniffs Out Lung Cancer Before It Spreads

Lung cancer is considered the deadliest of all cancers, the culprit for over 27 percent of all cancer deaths in the U.S. annually. However, the reason for this worrisome statistic derives not from the fact

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ReWalk, The Revolutionary Israeli Tech That Allows Paraplegics To Walk

ReWalk, The Revolutionary Israeli Tech That Allows Paraplegics To Walk

                        In the US alone, there are nearly 250,000 individuals with spinal cord injuries that partially or entirely inhibit regular

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