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Why It’s High Time for Indonesia to Deal With Israel

Jakarta Globe: Since taking office, President Joko Widodo has publicly alluded to the issue of Palestinian independence twice: at the 60th anniversary of the Asia-Africa Conference and at the recent Nahdlatul Ulama congress. However, if Jokowi

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A virtual fence to ward off a ‘Cyber 9/11′

ISRAEL21c: Cyber-attacks on Sony, Ashley Madison, eBay, Domino’s Pizza, Target and Jeep garnered headlines everywhere. But cybersecurity experts and government leaders say those hack crimes are peanuts compared to what’s around the corner. One of the

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Revolutionary Rooftop Farm Grows Organic Veggies Sans Soil In The Heart of Tel Aviv

nocamels: Buying organic and locally grown produce is a raging trend that is here to stay. And a new project in Israel called “Green in the City” is taking the trend to a whole new

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The Office of the Chief Scientist Calls for Proposals for Establishing and Operating Technological Incubators in Israel

The Technological Incubators Program of the Office of the Chief Scientist at the Ministry of Economy issues competitive Processes for establishing and operating four Technological Incubators in Israel in accordance with General’s Directive 8.3 dated

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Cyber-boom or cyber-bubble?

Security System Network for Online Web Protection

Economist: Israel’s arms exports fell last year. Cutbacks in the defence budgets of many Western countries pushed the global sales of Israeli weapons systems down to $5.7 billion, $1 billion less than in 2013. Unexpectedly, another

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Israeli Startups Set New All-Time Record, Raising $1.12B In Last Three Months


nocamels: The Israeli high-tech industry has broken yet another record: In the second quarter of 2015, Israeli startups raised a striking $1.12 billion from investors, the largest quarterly investment in the history of the Startup

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Israel’s Water Story Featured on Indonesia’s Metro TV

MetroTV: Technology and innovation capable of transforming the impossible into reality. In Israel, the technology is able to transform the barren desert into a vegetable and fruit plantations. This country has been able to utilize sea

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Three Israeli Researchers Who Made It Their Life Goal To Beat Parkinson’s Disease

nocamels: Israel a living laboratory for the study of Parkinson’s Professor Nir Giladi, Director of the Neurology Department of Tel Aviv Sourasky Center, starts off by explaining that Parkinson’s disease is a multi-dimensional disorder

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Microsoft, Facebook set out on $380m shopping spree of Israeli startups

ISRAEL21c: Hot July sales in the Israeli startup arena as Microsoft, Facebook, and ironSource pay top dollar for blue-and-white technology. Microsoft’s acquisition of Israeli cloud security company Adallom for a reported $320 million was the biggest of the

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Israeli Top Innovations at Agritech Tel-Aviv 2015

If you want to know what will be the future in agriculture and Agro Technology, Agritech Tel Aviv is the place to be. The exhibition took place this year in April and was rich with

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