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10 Israeli startups to watch in 2015

Take a look at the list compiled by Ben Lang, co-founder of MapMe and Mapped in Israel of few exciting Israeli startups to watch in 2015! 1. StoreDot – charge your smartphone in 30 seconds!

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Sustainable Nation: Israel Has Become a World-Leader in Technologies which Help Power Our Planet Cleanly

This November, Israel signed an agreement to join a cleantech common market of 41 countries which among other things, stipulates cancelling taxes on environmentally-friendly products. Meanwhile earlier this year, Israel was named as

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Temasek invests S$6.25 million in Israel

Ramot + Temasek

      Temasek, a US$200 (S$250) billion Singaporean sovereign fund, is dipping its toe into the world of Israeli high-tech Temasek, an investment company owned by the Singaporean

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Surveillance-camera users reminded to secure passwords against hackers


While installing surveillance cameras in homes and on business premises has become increasingly common, consumers may not be aware of the need to secure them, as a website purporting to warn the public of security

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Israel’s Homeland Security Industry: Utilizing Innovation To Keep Us Safe

With the opening of One World Trade Center where the Twin Towers once stood, we are again reminded of the continuing threat global terrorism poses to our freedom and way

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From Bionic Legs to Video Games for Physical Therapy: What Makes Israel’s Medical Device Sector Click?

The global medical device industry is revolutionizing the way we care for and heal ourselves: from bionic eyes to robotic limbs to smartphone apps that measure our vital signs to helmets that can cure our

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Q3/14 Israeli high-tech capital raising exceeds last three years’ average with US$701 million

Q3-14 Hi-Tech Capital Raising

Key facts: Seed investments rise, garnering 9 percent of total capital raised in Q3/2014 Internet companies accounted for 30 percent of capital raised in Q3/2014 38 percent of capital in Q1-Q3/2014

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Dead in the Water: Why shipping stats are becoming unreliable


By Ami Daniel, co-founder and chief executive of Windward, a specialised data and analytics company The intricacies of the shipping world should be of great interest to anyone who

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MeD8: International corporate mediation expertise, negotiation and communication workshops

MeD8 celebrated its first year of operations in Singapore by supporting international corporates resolving business conflicts through mediation and presenting a series of workshops to its 25th corporate client in Singapore, a list which includes names such as

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Health solutions can also be fun – BioGaming


Meet BioGaming, an Israeli startup company funded by the Israeli Office of the Chief Scientist and private investors. Founded in 2012, BioGaming is now ready for penetrating the market with a revolutionizing

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