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World’s first bedsore monitoring system

ISRAEL21C: Hospitals across the United States are installing the Israeli-devised MAP (Monitor Alert Protect) system – the world’s first continuous bedside monitoring device to display, in real time, where a patient is developing high-pressure points

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Israel’s Going Mobile

With a tiny local market, Israeli startups in particular have no choice but to think globally from day one. For them, it was never about trying to figure out what kind of technology will suit

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From Startup Nation to Cyber-Nation

Recent hi-visibility hacks on corporate giants like Sony, Target and Home Depot and government institutions like the U.S. Central Command have made it clear that in today’s networked world, cyber-criminals, cyber-terrorists and state-sponsored hackers are

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Health Nation: Israeli Medical Innovation for a Healthier World

Imagine there’s a wearable patch for treating diabetes that replaces daily injections, or a way to test for lung cancer just by breathing through your nose, or a laser device the size of an electric

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Mobile? Go Global!

Israeli Mobile Technology Talks the Talk by Going Global From the Get-Go When it comes to breaking into today’s mobile market, it’s crucial to think global from the get go. Take Samsung, LG, and other

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Israel diamond exports rise slightly in 2014

In 2014, export of polished and rough diamonds from Israel totaled around $9.324 billion, as compared to $9.166 billion in 2013. Israel continues to view the American market as its primary export destination, which account

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What Startups Can Learn The “Startup Nation”

What is the best way to create the type of innovative, entrepreneurial ecosystem? Some of the lessons which have helped Israel transform into an international powerhouse in hi-tech innovation – with the highest ratio of

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From Bible to Boutique: Israeli Wines Come of Age

Ask some wine drinkers what ‘Israeli wines’ conjure up and many would describe a sweet, sticky concoction served at your average bar mitzvah. Indeed, for the first century-and-a-half of the Holy Land’s rejuvenated wine industry,

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11 top Israeli innovations to treat, seal and heal wounds

Exciting new methods for treating, cleaning, sealing and healing wounds of all types are constantly being developed in Israel and introduced to the global healthcare community. ISRAEL21c presents 11 of the most innovative and useful

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Singapore’s GDP grows 2.8%, Israel’s 2.6%, in 2014


The Singapore economy grew a weaker-than-expected 1.5 per cent year on year in Q4 2014, slowing from Q3’s 2.8 per cent expansion as the manufacturing sector shrank in the final quarter. Growth of 1.5 per

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