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Israeli Women set to Lead in Life – Sciences

A recent article from Bloomberg’s Businessweek reveals that in Israel, women outnumber men in higher education institutions focused on biology and life science. This gives women in Israel an advantage
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Tel Aviv Leads the World for Tech Innovation

category: Investing
Wired Magazine recently crowned Tel Aviv as one of the largest center for technology innovation in the world. The science and technology magazine recently evaluated the cities of the world and crowned Tel Aviv as
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Oracle Investments invests in Isareli Robotics Company

category: Life Sciences
Oracle Investment Managements, Inc, a firm focused on the global healthcare and biotechnology markets, has announced that it will invest an initial $7.5 million in an Israeli Robotics company. Mazor Robotics
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Earnings On Israeli Stocks Grow in July

Bloomberg Businessweek reported that Israeli equities traded in New York are showing signs of the largest monthly gains since March. Companies like EZchip Semiconductor Ltd. and Check Point Software Technologies
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Lollapalooza Comes to Israel

category: Uncategorized
From August 3 – 5, Chicago celebrated Lollapalooza, one of the most well established American rock music festivals. Produced by C3, a company based in Austin, the festival is held
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London Olympics Benefit from Israeli Innovation

To make transport for coaches, VIPs and athletes safer and more efficient, the UK’s largest bus and coach manufacturer has installed software by Traffilog in their public service vehicles. Traffilog, an Israel-based
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