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GE Invests in Israeli Start Ups in Healthcare and Imaging

General Electric has recently invested in a specialty monitoring firm based in Israel. GE run Healthymagination Funds recently invested in Ornim Inc, based in Lod, Israel. Ornim Inc is a medical systems developer that focuses on patient monitoring tools. The company’s CerOx system has been cleared for use in the United States by the USDA and allows clinicians to measure blood flow and oxygen levels in the brain and muscle tissue of adults undergoing medical procedures. This is the only system that monitors both factors at the same time in a single device and is non-invasive. Other partners include Agate Medical Investments LP in Tel Aviv and the Israeli affiliate of OrbiMEd, the New York life sciences investment firm.


Earlier this year, GE’s Healthymagination Funds also invested in Check-Cap, based in Isfiya, Israel. Check-Cap produces ingestible capsules designed to provide 3D images of the colon to help detect colorectal cancer. In addition to this investment, GE has also put funding into other Israeli start ups and has an office in Israel which employs more than 500 people. To learn more about Ornim, visit the company’s home page and read the full article from MarketWatch.


To learn more about exciting innovations in imaging technology from Israel, join us for the 2012 U.S -Israel Healthcare Innovations Conference, to be held in Chicago in November. For more information about this conference, visit its home page or our events page. For information on how to attend this conference, contact Daniel Blumenthal.

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