Israel Trade & Economic Office

U.S. Midwest Region

April 12-15, 2015
Israeli Companies at HIMSS – HX360 Chicago | Chicago

Israeli companies with healthcare technologies will be in Chicago from April 12-15 attending the Annual HIMSS Conference (, and the new HX360 Event ( Below is a list of participating companies.  On Tuesday, April 14, from 6-8PM, our office, together with the America-Israel Chamber of Commerce Chicago are hosting an evening reception in downtown Chicago at Katten Muchin Rosenman LLP, 525 W. Monroe, to welcome and provide an opportunity to engage with the companies from Israel.  Click here to register for the reception and for location information (HIMSS badge is not required). If you would like to learn more or would like to meet any of the companies, please contact Daniel Blumenthal.

BelongTail is a proactive social app-based platform designed to help cancer patients manage and improve the cancer treatment process from diagnosis to recovery.

Lexifone is the world’s first automatic “in-call” interpreter, providing real time translation 24/7 to 15 languages (and growing).  The technology can be used in the healthcare setting to interact with foreign patients without the need for human interpreters or within call centers.

MedAware is a software solution which identifies and prevents prescription errors in real-time.  The solution is relevant for healthcare providers, pharmacy benefit management companies and pharmacy chains.  **Speaker, E-Session 411

Medisafe is a mobile app and cloud-synced database providing a medication and treatment adherence program for patients, their family and friends’ support systems, and interaction with healthcare providers.  **Booth S-104

Medivizor provides people with serious or chronic medical conditions personalized information updates which are relevant, understandable and actionable. **Presenting at Venture+ Forum, Sunday, April 12

Orpheus Medical has developed a unique system, MedicVOD, enabling medical teams to archive, view, transmit and edit videos recorded during live medical proceders.  **Booth 1248 (within Agfa Healthcare)

Oxitone is a wearable pulse oximetry platform that provides continuous supervision of pulmonary, heart and sleep related diseases to empower preventative care. **Booth S-1838 (Verizon Startup Health Booth – HX360)

Sesame-Enable created the world’s first touch-free smartphone for quadriplegics. Through voice commands and head gestures, the entire phone can be used without hands.  **Booth S-1838 (Verizon Startup Health Booth – HX360)

Talkitt is the creator of Voiceitt, a voice to voice application enabling people who suffer from motor, speech and language disorders to easily communicate using their own voice, by translating unintelligible pronunciation into understandable speech.  **Booth S-1838 (Verizon Startup Health Booth – HX360)

Zebra Medical Vision is building the world’s largest medical imaging insights platform, enabling clinicians and researchers to quickly develop imaging algorithms and insights based on large scale datasets and advanced processing power.

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