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Israel Cleantech Ventures Partner Jack Levy Describes 2014 Growth Areas

category: Energy, Water
The following is an excerpt from an interview published by Israel NewTech.  For the full interview, click here “2013 just ended, and we sat down with Israel Cleantech
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Israeli Company Debuts New Urban Transportation Device

category: Automotive
Israeli company, Muve, has produced what they believe to be a better urban transportation device than what is currently on the market, the Segway. With the help of the Cleantech Partner Program
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Solar-Thermal System Tested in Israel

category: Uncategorized
A joint funded Chinese-Israeli project by Israeli based HelioFocus is generating power fro,  from a parabloic dish built in the Negev, about 100 miles south of Jerusalem.  HelioFocus’ new technology can heat air to higher
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Israel #2 in World for Cleantech Startups

category: Investing, Water
A recent index of the top 38 countries in the world for clean-tech startup companies had Israel as #2 on the list.  This impressive designation, made by the World Wildlife Fund and the Cleantech Group,
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