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Israeli inventions underpin 20% of global biotech revenue

category: General, Medical
Israel is responsible for 20% of the entire Global biotech revenue. From a country so small that it would fit in Texas 32 times, a country only 65 years old, comes an unbelievable amount of
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Melanoma can be cured – TIL treatment coming out of the Sheba Medical Center

category: Medical
Dr. Avi Treves, Deputy Director of the Sheba Cancer Research Centre at the Sheba Medical Center,  spoke yesterday at the CPRIT annual Conference, presenting the Institutes advanced treatment to Metastatic Melanoma, which is
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Oklahoma – Innovative and attractive!

category: Agriculture, Energy
Oklahoma is a state that not everyone is familiar with. It is located pretty much in the center of the Southern US and is bordered by Texas, Colorado, Missouri, Arkansas, New Mexico and Kansas.
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