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Israeli Water Delegation to Pennsylvania + Delaware (wrap-up)


(Guest post by Mickey Chesla) “It was the best organized and most effective delegation I’ve ever attended, and I’ve been participating in business delegations since 2004,” said Oren Blonder, VP Sales & Marketing at

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KPMG opens $100MM fund for #BigData startups (via TechMoran)


Israel is a hotbed of big data innovation, a country where scores of startups are waiting to change the big data landscape.  Could the next KPMG funded startup come from Israel?, discusses

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Meet The “NaNose” Breathalyzer Test Device: An Israeli-American-British Development That Sniffs Out Lung Cancer Before It Spreads

Lung cancer is considered the deadliest of all cancers, the culprit for over 27 percent of all cancer deaths in the U.S. annually. However, the reason for this worrisome statistic derives not from the fact

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Israel Business Forum hosts Director General Amit Lang in NYC


On June 27, the Israel Business Forum hosted a special networking breakfast at ZAG S&W, a joint U.S.-Israeli law firm in NYC. The title of the event, which was

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Has Israel finally “made it” to the class of first world economic nations?

Israel Has Been Accepted Into The Paris Club Of Rich Creditor Nations    PARIS — Israel on Tuesday joined an influential group of rich world economic nations that help poor indebted economies, giving the country

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Jersey City- Israel Technology Showcase


On June 23, on a beautiful summer morning, community leaders, entrepreneurs and investors from the New Jersey and New York metropolitan area convened at Jersey City’s cityhall to hear how 8 Israeli startups

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Israeli Start-Up Invents Vibrating Capsule To Release Intestinal “Traffic Jams”

Uncomfortable cramping and bloating are just some of the symptoms that the millions suffering from constipation, the most common health disorder, experience. In fact over 42 million Americans, one-seventh of the population of the United

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World Cup will be screened to world’s living rooms thanks to an Israeli tech

Soccer fans will get to see their sport’s biggest event via hundreds of mini-broadcast units deployed by the Israeli start-up “LiveU”. LiveU, an Israeli start-up, is gearing up to deliver television-quality video of World

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The Israeli Fall-Prevention Motorized Shoe: The One That Can Stop People From Falling When They Stumble

In Christopher Nolan’s “Batman Begins,” the ever-faithful butler Alfred asks: “Why do we fall? “So that we can learn to pick ourselves up,” he then tells Batman. While falling and getting up is a part

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120+ meetings at Israel #Retailtech 2014 in NYC


On May 29, 2014, 20 Israeli companies in the retail technology and e-commerce fields joined us in New York City to meet with leading brands, media houses, ad agencies and retailers from the

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