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Healthcare start-ups from Israel coming soon to a city near you!

Israel is known as the “start-up nation” and this is true not only for hi-tech, but also in the medical devices sector. There are over 650 companies in Israel active in the sector, with exports reaching $1.6 Billion in 2011.

Gillam Keinan, head of Life Sciences at the Investment Promotion Center, says, “Israel is a focal point of investments in the healthcare arena, and there is constantly increasing interest on the part of multinationals, angels and investment companies in Israeli start-ups.” Many of the world’s leading medical devices companies have already invested in Israel, including: GE Medical, J&J, Boston Scientific, Philips Medical and St. Jude.

This month 9 of the most promising, early stage start-ups from Israel in the medical devices and life sciences arenas will arrive to the U.S. for an intensive roadshow to meet with potential investors.

It is still possible to arrange to meet the start-ups at the roadshow, which will take place January 28th – February 1st in New York, Boston, Chicago, Silicon Valley and San Diego.

“We’ve had a lot of interest from investors and large companies in the healthcare arena to meet with the start-ups,” says Nili Shalev, the economic attaché in New York. “Some of the companies who have set up meetings include: Boston Scientific , Smiths Medical, Siemens Healthcare , Philips Healthcare, Life Science Angels, Tech Coast Angels, Morgan Stanley, Siemens Venture Capital , Keiretsu Forum and many others, 130 organizations in all.”

Yariv Becher, Israel’s economic attaché in Chicago, tells more about how the start-ups were selected, “All the participating start-ups were nurtured by the Israel Technological Incubators Program at the Office of the Chief Scientist, which means they have undergone a very selective screening process, and have already been given technological and business guidance. They represent the very best of Israel’s healthcare early stage start-ups.”

This roadshow is a joint effort of Invest in Israel, the Foreign Trade Administration and the Technological Incubators Program of the Chief Scientist’s Office.

The companies participating in the roadshow are:

  • ArchMedical – developed an innovative approach for performing lateral tissue sampling that allows access to many unreached tissue targets.
  • A.G.M. – develops save and natural collagen platforms which can be used in multiple medical, pharmaceutical and aesthetic fields.
  • BiFlow Medical – developed the Nitino stent, deployed in the secondary artery of the heart, which allows blood flow from a main artery to a secondary.
  • Cath Med – developed a proprietary trans-cervical CVS catheter which eliminates the need for multiple catheters and re-insertions.
  • Chi2Gel – developed an injectable hydrogel for pain relief in painful orthopedic/rheumatologic diseases such as osteoarthritis and spine disc disease.
  • Coeruleus – innovative pharmaceutical solutions for the treatment of a wide range of disorders.
  • DiACardio – a set of tools which enables cardiologists using Echo to automatically evaluate heart failure signs.
  • Medasense Biometrics – develops a new objective pain monitoring device offering continuous assessment of pain level for non-communicating patients.
  • Moebius Medical – develops an intraarticular injectable solution for osteoarthritis.

For more information on the roadshow and participating companies click here for the brochure.

If you are an investor interested in meeting the start-ups at the Roadshow please contact:

In the New York and Boston areas:
Rebecca Weinberg –, Tel: 2124995622

In the Chicago area:
Daniel Blumenthal –, Tel: 312-332-2160 ex. 22.

In the Los Angeles area:
Ms. Sharon Eshaghian –

In the San Francisco area:
Ms. Yelena Giderman  –

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Oded Distel, head of “Invest in Israel”, speaks to the start-ups at a preparatory meeting

Oded Distel, head of “Invest in Israel”, speaks to the start-ups at a preparatory meeting


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