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Israelis at Super Bowl XLVII: Bar Refaeli and Soda Stream score with audiences

Super_Bowl_XLVII_logoKol HaKavod to the Baltimore Ravens, who last night vanquished the San Francisco 49ers in the NFL Championship game.  Each year, the Super Bowl television broadcast features perhaps the most valuable advertising space in the world, with one 30-second commercial costing nearly $4 million.  Diehard fans of both American football, high fashion and innovation might have noticed that this year, Israelis figured prominently in the event, particularly through two popular ad campaigns.

GoDaddy: During the first half of the Big Game, Israeli super-model Bar Refaeli represented the sexy side of teaming up with actor Jesse Heiman, who in  turn represented the smart, technologically sophisticated side of the popular domain name registry.  The message being that GoDaddy’s services give users the best of both worlds…or something.

If you use GoDaddy, you may be very pleased with their services, though we cannot guarantee you the chance to get up close and personal with Ms. Refaeli.  However, you can buy her underwear here. YouTube Preview Image To join in the conversation, follow on twitter at #theKiss.

Soda Stream: Late in the second half, following multiple touchdowns and a power outage, but moments before a Super Bowl ending for the ages, Israeli beverage giant Soda Stream debuted their own TV spot.  In the past, the sodastream logoSuper Bowl cola wars had been the exclusive playing ground of two heavy-weights, Pepsi and Coke.  This year, however, Soda Stream, the wildly popular DIY soda company that has taken the world by storm in the last several quarters, took a swipe at both beverage giants, urging football fans and Beyonce devotees alike to think of the environment, save some money, and create their own bubbly goodness at home. YouTube Preview Image

As is the case with most exciting and revolutionary products, the Soda Stream ad did not air without a slight hint of controversy.  According to the Internet, Soda Stream originally intended to air an ad which directly attacked Coke & Pepsi, but was nixed by CBS for being too negative in relation to other advertisers.  In response, we saw the tamer, more general Soda Stream spot listed above. However, you can see the controversial, banned (SFW) ad at HuffPo and elsewhere. To join in the conversation on twitter, check out #SodaStreamAd.

(By Josh Berliner, at the Israel Economic Mission in NYC.)


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