Business Opportunities April 2017

Business OPPORTUNITIESAs the eventful month of April is steadily coming to an end, the Israeli Embassy is looking back to joyous Passover festivities and looking forward to the next month , where we celebrate the Israeli Day of Independence on May 2nd 2017. None-withstanding the fact that in Jewish society Passover (Pesach) takes more than a week to prepare and take place, several Israeli exporters expressed their interest towards establishing business ties with the Belgian market. This intention is based on, as always, Belgians’ central location in Europe, clear opportunities for (inter)national distribution and retail and the presence of numerous companies working with highly qualified workers.

If interested in the companies introduced below, drop a line at our offices on the coordinates mentioned underneath every caption, so we can introduce you to our contacts at those companies.

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1.Barkan Mounts – Brown Goods support equipment

Barkan Logo

In Barkan Mounts, our main expertise is improving the viewing experience; by researching, developing, planning  and manufacturing mounting systems for entertainment electronics.Since the company was founded in 1988 by  CEO and Owner Mr. Lior Barkan, we have gained experience and world-wide reputation as an innovative, high- quality, and trustworthy company.

The company headquarters including research & development, marketing, graphics, logistics, QC management, finance and sales departments are located in Israel. The manufacturing process & quality control are done in China.  Our products are planned to enhance the consumer’s viewing and listening experience, and at the same time allow us to offer the best value for price,  compared to our competition.

Barkan picture standThe product range encompasses the following products:

1. Mounts for flat and curved TVs, projectors, speakers, cable TV boxes and other entertainment electronics devices.

2. USB LED mood light for TV.

3. Tablet mounts.

4. Portable chargers, selfie sticks and more products to enhance viewing and listening experience.

In Belgium (and in wider consideration the Benelux), Barkan Mounts is looking to present their product range to Brown Goods retailers, household electric appliance chains and multimedia re-sellers. If you are interested in the Barkan offering, please send us a note at with in the subject line ‘Barkan Mounts April 2017‘.

2. Nano Textile – Anti Bacterial Textile 

Nano Textile


Nano Textile was established in 2013, immediately after a very successful R&D phase which was fully funded with a 12M EURO investment by the European Commission’s FP7 initiative.

NANO Textile has developed a breakthrough, single-step nano-coating process, which is done via an IP protected sono-chemistry reactor. The process, despite it’s innovation brilliancy, is a very cost effective and highly competitive process.

Our main objective, and the catalyst for our innovation, is to prevent the loss of unnecessary lives due to Hospital Acquired Infections.

Our unique and breakthrough single-step nano-coating process has proven itself to be the only viable anti-bacterial solution in the world for Hospitals due to the extreme long withstanding durability of the anti-bacterial properties and the limitless manufacturing abilities, allowing us to implement our technology into any kind of fabric, either man-made or natural, with absolutely no damage or alteration to the fabric’s original quality or color.

medical textile

Nano Textile currently holds granted patents in Israel, the US, and the EU and holds patent pending requests in additional strategic markets around the world.

Although our main target is providing anti-bacterial nano-coating services to Hospital textiles manufacturers, our technology allows us to coat any kind of surface, from glass, to ceramics, to polymers, and implement not only anti-bacterial properties, but additional properties such as Magnetic, Electric conductivity and super-hydrophobic properties.

NANO Textile Ltd is the only company in the world which offer a flawless anti-bacterial coating solution, and that is for the following reasons:

  •  We treat ready-made fabric and not fibers
  • We can treat any kind of fabric: Synthetic/polymers, Cotton, Silk.. We are fabric type agnostic
  • The coating process does not damage at all the fabrics quality and does not alter at all the fabrics color
  • The embedded nano-particles cannot leave the treated fabric
  • The durability of the anti-bacterial properties of the treated fabrics is extreme. Fabrics that underwent our anti-bacterial coating process have been tested and found to remain 100% anti-bacterial even after 65 washing cycles at 92 degree celsius and 100 washing cycles at 75 degree celcius
  • The process is highly cost effective and competitive
  • The technology is a “green” and safe technology

In Belgium, NANO Textile Ltd is looking to connect to strategic partners who could assist in setting up a local production unit. In addition to this, NANO would like to learn if hospitals or other medical institutions in Belgium would be interested in the NANO Textiles offering. If so, please revert back to our offices at with subject ‘NANO Textile April 2017‘.

3. Onyx Radiance – Skincare textiles 

ONYXONYX is breaking new ground in the cosmetic industry, offering innovative ways to take advantage of the clinically-proven benefits provided by natural copper and zinc. Tried-and-tested experience, advanced technology, and an inspiring vision of nature’s potential are the foundations for beautifying and healing products that are already serving men and women around the world.

ONYX maximizes the unique benefits of natural minerals by incorporating them into innovative textiles that let the minerals gently permeate skin.
All ONYX fabrics are treated with a unique accelerated copper-zinc compound which releases positively charged ions into the skin’s epidermal layers, which has been scientifically proven to stimulate the creation of fresh blood cells. This stimulates the creation of new skin cells and collagen, helping to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and increase youthful elasticity.
onyx pillow

In Beligum, ONYX !is looking for a textile importer/distributor who would be interested in introducing the ONYX portfolio to the market. If interested, please direct a mail to with subject line ‘ONYX April 2017‘.

4. Yam Pro Energy – Wave Energy 

yam pro 2Yam Pro Energy’s technology is based on the utilization of sea waves to yield hydraulic pressure that produces electricity, while exploiting the full potential of wave speed, height, depth, rise and fall, and currents beneath the surface of the water.

This unique technology is the best choice in renewable energy systems due to its high energy efficiency, low cost for power generation, it being made-up of few moving parts and that only 10% of the system is submerged in the water – this reduces the overall risk to the system and substantially lowers maintenance costs.

Usually the system is stationed on wave breakers that is no swimming, no fishing and no boating zones so that it does not interfere with the population’s enjoyment of a marine source. However, this system is suitable for installation on various terrains, including in the ocean depths, with only minor alterations.Yam Pro Energy’s system is suited to a wide range of wave and climate conditions – the system begins to produce electricity from a wave height of ~80 cm.

Yam Pro

In Belgium, Yam Pro Energy is looking to connect to government officials who might be interested in the introduction of this technology to their shores, or investors who see value in this solution. If you see the potential in this offering, please contact our offices on with subject ‘Yam Pro April 2017′.

5. Fourier Systems – Education appliances 

For the last 20 years, Fourier Systems has been a worldwide leader in the field of science education technology, data loggers and sensors for students from primary schools through high school to universities.

The four pillars of Fourier’s comprehensive solution are: compact portable data logging devices (i.e : laptop, desktop, portable phone, etc.), a data analysis software suite, over 60 sensors and proprietary pedagogical curriculum materials. Fourier’s products simplify the way data is collected, analyzed and shared. Students from over 60 countries across the globe have benefited first-hand from Fourier’s cost-effective computerized science laboratories.

einstein fourier

The Einstein™ Tablet was awarded the winner of Bett awards in 2014 and the Einstein™ Learning platform is an award winning holistic STEM solution which empowers teachers and inspires students (K-12) by providing an engaging science learning experience that unifies sensor-based experiments, interactive multimedia activities and user-friendly analysis applications.

In Belgium, Fourier is interested to enlarge its distributors and partners’ network with companies who specialize in reselling and distributing education technology, science education equipment, school supplies, STEM laboratories and educational publications.

If interested, please contact our offices at with subject ‘Fourier April 2017’.