Business Opportunities: August 2016

Business OPPORTUNITIESAs Summer is slowly passing by, businessmen are returning to their trusted office jungles after a well deserved vacation abroad, our youth is reluctantly checking the condition of their school supplies and trade is vigorously returning to its former pase, it is time to present you with our monthly business opportunities overview for August 2016.

As explained in our first Opportunities Overview, July 2016, a big part of our job is the continuous effort to build bridges between the Belgian-Luxembourg and Israeli business-world. Therefor, the Commercial Department of the Israeli Embassy in Brussels would like to highlight some of the Israeli companies who are specifically looking for business partners in the BeLux at the end of each month.

The companies below expressed a clear interest in the Belgian-Luxembourg market based on its central location in Europe, the presence of highly qualified companies and clear  opportunities for (inter)national distribution and retail.

If your company would have interest in these offerings or you would like more information on the companies presented, please direct an e-mail to our offices at , titled ‘Business Opportunities August 2016’ and we will connect you to the appropriate interlocutors.



Sector: Cybersecurity – Internal Personnel Training

CybeReady is an Israeli cybersecurity firm focused on addressing a companies’ weakest digital link: their PEOPLE. They want to put an end to a company worrying about end-user vulnerabilities. Cyberready does this using customized training techniques, behavior-based learning, continuous system monitoring and sophisticated analytics.

Cyberready LogoCyberready offers customized Anti-Phishing Assessment, Monitoring and Training assessments, in which numerous disguised emails covering different simulated attack scenarios (Spray and Spear Phishing) are sent to employees on a continuous basis. These incorporate various attack methods and levels of difficulty, which result in a snapshot view of the behavior of your entire internal user base, followed by customized training that improves employee decision-making and reduce future risks.

Currently, the team from CyberReady is looking to get in touch with Belgian and Luxembourg banking companies, Insurance companies, energy providers or telecom companies, which have a decent personnel-count, to be effective.

Interested? Contact us directly at .


2.AVH Diamondsclarity enhanced logo


Sector: Diamond retail 

Clarity enhanced diamonds are natural diamonds that have been mined from the earth, just like every other natural diamond.

After being cut and polished, these diamonds undergo another unique treatment aimed at improving the clarity of the diamond. This treatment does not change any other property of the diamond except its clarity (even the carat weight remains exactly the same).

Since the original cost of the rough diamond material was that of a low-clarity grade, the price of the final clearer diamond, is also relatively low although it looks as good as the non-enhanced diamond having an equivalent clarity grade. This means you can receive a noticeably clearer diamond for prices which are virtually incomparable – reaching as little as 50% of the price of an untreated counterpart.

At this moment, AVH Diamonds already has strong ties with the Antwerp diamond sector, but wishes to get in touch with possible partners in retail in the BeLux. (jewelers or jewelry chains)

Interested? Contact us directly at .


3.Chic Cosmetics

Sector: Cosmetics – Production and Distribution of skincare products, bodycare products, frangrances and SPA products

Chic logoChic Cosmetic Industries Ltd. is an Israeli company that develops, manufactures and markets a diversified range of beauty care products both under its own brand and for private label requirements. We take pride in our experienced and competent team of researchers and marketing professionals, who place their expertise and inventive capabilities at the service of every customer.

Chic Cosmetic Industries specializes in the development and manufacture of a wide range of makeup products, beauty care items, perfume and toiletries for its own distribution network. The company also creates products which are custom-tailored to answer the specific requirements of frontline companies in Israel and around the world.

Private Label Services
In our private label manufacture, our objective is to create products that ensure that our customers enjoy the competitive edge in their marketplace. Through our dedicated to working closely with our clients, we place our technological know-how at their service as well as offering them access to the latest innovations in their areas of operation.

Marketing & Distribution
Chic Cosmetic Industries is active in sales and marketing both in the local market and abroad. Chic exports a wide variety of products to the U.S., Canada, South Africa, Ethiopia, East and Western Europe, Russia and CIS countries, and the Far East.

chic product range 2016












For the BeLux, Chic Cosmetics is looking for local importers and distributors of their different product lines.

Interested? Contact us directly at .


4.BugSec Ltd Bugsec logo 2016

Sector: Cybersecurity – Consulting company

Bugsec Group is a leading offensive and defensive security consulting company, focused on ethical hacking, advance security research, SCADA infiltration, malware analyses, Cyber readiness review and other services to increase customer security.

The Bugsec team is made up of some of the world’s most talented experts and security researchers, who work together with intelligence and law enforcement organizations around the world to help our customers protect their assets.

Bugsec initiated the development of some of the top security software on the market today

Versafe, a provider of web anti-fraud, anti-phishing, and anti-malware solutions, which was acquired by F5 Networks (NASDAQ: FFIV) in September 2013

Cynet 360. Cynet was created in response to the growing prevalence of advanced persistent threats (APTs) and targeted attacks from unknown origins. Its flagship product, Cynet 360, provides an agentless, comprehensive detection and remediation solution for mitigating advanced threats including unsigned malware and zero day attacks, regardless of whether the threat originates in files, endpoints, networks or at the user level.

Bugsec is interested in connecting to Belgian and Luxembourg banks and financial intitutions. Interested? Contact us directly at .

5.MIFRAMMifram Logo 2016

Sector: Physical security

Mifram Security protects your valuables and assets. Advanced Physical Protection Solutions.

Product Mobility: Mifram Products are designed for ease of handling, assembly and setup of Security products such as Road blocks, Vehicle barriers and others.

mifram 2016 towers

Mifram Products can be deployed in diverse situations depending on the circumstances:

  1. Vehicle/Crowd Barriers
  2. Ballistic Protection
  3. Guard/Observation Towers
  4. Rapid Fortification
  5. Special Projects
  6. Portable Shelters
  7. Building protection
Ergonomic features: Mifram Security products have been designed to be “user friendly” in regards to access, environment and comfort.

Customized Solutions: Mifram is able to offer customized products, including Roadblocks, Vehicle barriers, Security Engineering and Consulting Services.

Mifram is interested in getting in touch with European police forces, defense contractors, governmental security advisers and security providers.

Interested? Contact us directly at .


6. Lesico Ltd Lesico logo 2016

Sector: Construction – Railroads & Pipelines 

Lesico Ltd. specializes in sophisticated infrastructure projects. The Group is engaged in developing, planning, financing, building and maintaining projects in the areas of energy, environment, railways, maintenance of broad-flow pipeline systems, and installations in the microelectronics, pharmaceuticals and food industries.

Lesico’s Energy Division implements complex projects in the field of natural gas including construction of gas lines and installations for reducing pressure and measuring high-pressure systems for the Israel National Gas lines Co. as well as converting and readying industrial plants for natural gas, gas systems and mechanical assemblies for power stations.

Lesico’s Environment Division plans, builds and operates advanced wastewater purification plants for secondary and tertiary treatment, complex pumping stations, desalination plants, sludge treatment plants and reactors for treating smells.

Lesico’s Railways Division plans and builds railway projects including railway stations, command and control buildings, and railways built with graves and concrete. Lesico has laid hundreds of kilometers of railway tracks in Israel and abroad and also provides services for the light railway and industrial infrastructures with railways.

Lesico is interested to find out if Belgian and Luxembourg Railroads, water utilities and energy providers could be interested to cooperate on future projects.

Interested? Contact us directly at .


7.BGIBGI logo 2016

Sector: Physical security

For more than 30 years the BGI team have been providing high security barrier solutions to public and private clients and facilities worldwide.

Designing, testing and manufacturing a range of perimeter security products, BGI has become known for its ability to plan innovative protection solutions incorporating mutliple elements and security layers.

The BGI team is regularly called upon to design complex interlock entrances incorporating biometric access control, undercar scanners, gates, bollards, fail-safe mechanisms to meet anti-terror, anti-ballistic and anti-blast requirements.

BGI screen 2016BGI is looking forward to meeting Belgian and Luxembourg public safety officials, smart city planners, security providers and architects.

If your company would like to get in touch with one of these companies, please don’t hesitate to revert back to our offices at .