Business Opportunities February 2017


At the end of February, days are finally getting longer and people are looking outside waiting for some sunshine to appear. Nevertheless, Israeli demand for Belgian and Luxembourg importers, distribution partners and re-sellers stays high and the offers are ever so interesting. To conclude the month of February 2017, these are the Israeli companies we would like to highlight.

The following firms requested direct assistance in getting in touch with potential Belgian and Luxembourg business partners based on its central location in Europe, the presence of highly qualified workers and companies and clear opportunities for (inter)national distribution and retail.

If you or your company would have interest in these offerings or you would like more information on the companies presented, please direct an e-mail to our offices at, titled ‘Business Opportunities February 2017’ and we will connect you to the appropriate interlocutors.

1.Ericom Software – Cyber security

Ericom is a leading global provider of powerful remote ericom software Logoaccess and security solutions with two leading products:


1. Ericom Connect –  a powerful remote application and desktop access solution. Built on innovative technology and two decades of Ericom’s proven expertise in the access market, Ericom Connect offers enterprise-level organizations unparalleled scalability, superior user experience and exceptional ease of use. With great cost performance, Ericom Connect integrates into existing IT environments, reducing the need for costly infrastructure upgrades.

  • provides Secured Remote Access to any application
  • Instant web enablement (Webification) for any software
  • Simple, flexible and cost effective solution
  • Enterprise grade
  • Deployed in hundreds of organizations around the globe

2. Ericom Shield (officially launched on April 2017) is a state of the art browsing isolation solution (Secure browsing).

  • protects from web-borne attacks (web browsing, emails and documents)
  • creates a critical “isolation” layer between the internet and the corporate network
  • provides a seamless user experience
  • separates the external and internal networks and does not rely on signatures or passwords

In Belgium and Luxembourg, Ericom is looking for a Value Added Reseller in the Cybersecurity sector, which would be interested in incoporating the Ericom portfolio in their offerings. If you would be interested in the Ericom software solutions, please contact us at to find out how TripleT can be of service to you!


2. Screenz – New Media and Apps

Screebz LogoScreenz is a SaaS platform that empowers professional content creators to build personal relationships with their mass audiences. The platform helps maintain relationships between content owners and audiences by managing and developing viewer experiences that make content engaging.

The platform utilizes big data analysis in real-time to map the Entertainment DNA of each user to provide them with a personalized experience while giving valuable insights to its clients and advertisers. The platform has been implemented by networks such as ABC, Univision, and Globo Brazil. Screenz has headquarters in Tel Aviv, with offices in London and New York.

In Belgium and Luxembourg, Screenz would like to get in touch with television professionals who would find value in their solution. Direct a mail to our offices at to find out how to get in touch with Screenz.


3. Presliya Ltd – Solar City Station – renewable energy

Solar City Station LogoAs part of the growing urbanization and modernization of public spaces as a result, it becomes necessary to match the municipal facilities for the growing and rapid development, and among other things, offer eco-friendly facilities.

solar city station example


The Solar city Station is an energy-independent, solar powered digital hub for the connected city-dweller. Equipped with a flat screen, connected to WIFI, the screen can be used by municipalities to disperse messages to the crowd. Additionally, CCTV camera’s and an alarm button will raise the feeling of security for residents. USB portals will grant charging facilities for people on the move and there is even a connected inflation station to help out bikers who encounter technical setbacks in their bicycle gear.

As a part of their global approach, Solar City Station is looking for contacts at the level of local municipalities who would be interested in their solution. Contact our offices at if you think this solution is interesting for your city.


4. ITP Novex Ltd – Home Land Security

ITP NovexI.T.P. NOVEX Ltd is a World Provider of Homeland Security and Intelligence Systems, as well as Fleet Management Solutions.


The Company’s Systems have been for many years in operational use by different Law-Enforcement and Security Organizations in Israel, as well as Law-Enforcement Organizations, Intelligence Organizations, Military & Paramilitary Forces and Fleet Operators around the world.

Covert Vehicle Tracking and C4I Systems

We are a leading provider of Covert Vehicle Tracking and C4I Systems, used by Law Enforcement, Intelligence Organizations and Military Forces around the globe.

The company’s systems offer a full solution for Covert-Tracking Missions, as well as, for the Management of Special Field Operations of S.W.A.T Teams and Elite Military Units.

The systems include different types of Covert-Tracking and Location Units that have a GPS Receiver and 2G+3G Cellular Modems, enabling to track and locate Target Vehicles, as well as the Organization’s Vehicles and Personnel.

The tracking operations can be monitored simultaneously from several locations, using Personal Computers, Cellular Tablets and Smartphones.

sattelite tracking


Fleet Management Systems

Our Fleet Management Solutions allow Fleet Operators with real-time visibility of vehicle location, status and diagnostics. On-demand information, activity reports and exception alerts enable intelligent business decisions to be made quickly in order to run the most efficient fleet possible.

In Belgium and Luxembourg, ITP Novex Ltd. is lloking to find a local distributor who could present their solution to law enforcement and the military. If interested, contact our offices at to find out how to get in touch with them.


5. LogLig Ltd – social sports application

Loglig is a sports tech company, established by two die-hard sports fan. Their focus is on providing a tool that enhances the participatory experience for sport associations and clubs.They provide their customers the most updated platform to reach and expand their fan base and interact with athletes via a management system integrated into a social mobile app.


The system has 3 main products:

  1. Management platform – a modular system which is designed for continuous operation of any sport association including an athlete registration system, a referee management system, an ability to automatically establish game boards and league standings along with supporting the transition between seasons.
  2. Live Scoring application – game statistics documentation, including statistics reports and game conclusions at the end of the game for coaches.
  3. Social mobile application for each association – shows all management system implementations + each athlete’s statistics data from his last game (live update) and his season average.

Many Associations and clubs are already enjoying Loglig solutions, our company has also been selected to provide the management system and application for the International Martial Arts Association.Presently the company is trying to break into the Belgian market and is ready to provide an entrance price for every interested sport club or association.

If you would be interested in the LogLig solution, please contact us at to find out how to get in touch with them