Business Opportunities January 2017


On the last day of January, it provides our department a great deal of pleasure in wishing you all, for the last time, all the best for 2017. 2016 Has been a year filled with interesting networking events, reaffirming existing ties and creating new ones, instigating and witnessing (un-)expected business-deals and working closely with ever more rapidly developing technologies. This shows our Brussels based team that we do a great job in bringing the Israeli market closer to the Belgian and Luxembourg one, but as we all know, one can always do better.

Therefor, we would like to offer you a glimpse on those Israeli companies which reached out to our Commercial Department during the last month and are eager to show their capabilities over here. These companies requested direct assistance in getting in touch with potential Belgian and Luxembourg business partners based on its central location in Europe, the presence of highly qualified workers and companies and clear opportunities for (inter)national distribution and retail.

If you or your company would have interest in these offerings or you would like more information on the companies presented, please direct an e-mail to our offices at, titled ‘Business Opportunities January 2017’ and we will connect you to the appropriate interlocutors.


1. Triple TWater Technologies

triple tTriple-T, a subsidiary of WFI Group specializes in the design, construction, operation and consulting of wastewater treatment plants, with an emphasis on innovative technologies.Triple-T combines in-depth process know how and broad experience, to deliver turn-key wastewater treatment solutions for clients.

With over 25 years of experience, we leverage our knowledge across all available technologies to deliver the most efficient, cost-saving solution for our clients. Our patented TAYA technology exemplifies this mission statement by achieving high performance wastewater treatment at the lowest operation cost of any technology on the market.

If you would be interested in the TripleT water purification technology, please contact us at to find out how TripleT can be of service to you!


2. Meir Cohen Judaïca

Meir Cohen LogoMeir Cohen LTD was established in 1956 by Meir Cohen, a descendant of a well-known rabbinical family from Tzfat. He was a pioneer in exporting Israeli manufactured Judaica to both US & Europe. His Jewish legacy and ambition gave him the impetus to turn hard work and inspiration into a successful international business. For over 5 decades we have been devoted to serving our customers and to exporting best quality Judaica, religious articles and giftware with a focus on design, dependability and customer service to our customers around the world. Located in Tel Aviv, Meir Cohen LTD has an extremely large range of items of various Israeli artists. Each item is carefully chosen and examined before it is shipped.

Meir Cohen Product range exampleIf you would be interested in the Meir Cohen Judaïca, please contact us at to get in touch with the company.

3. Siemplify CyberSecurity 

siemplify logoSOC teams globally are suffering from a deluge of alerts, straining both their technical infrastructure and workforce. Siemplify’s ThreatNexus is a security orchestration and incident response platform designed for the analyst team to perform the full spectrum of security operations from a single pane of glass. With context at the core, analysts now have the ability to automate some or all of their process of remediating threats.

Used globally by enterprise security teams and MSSPs to accelerate threat response, Siemplify reduces alerts by 80%, triples analyst efficiency, and slashes the mean time to remediate from days to minutes, becoming the primary tool for analysts to manage and respond to threats.

siemplify manage automate investigate

If you would be interested in the Siemplify ThreatNexus solution, please contact us at to find out how Siemplify can be of service to you!


4. Bler Solutions   HLS 

BLER  is innovative company, providing cutting edge solutions for Security and Cyber Intelligence market. BLER develops innovative security, cyber and intelligence solutions to meet a wide range of operational needs and security threats. The company has gained proven in-the-field knowledge of big data technologies and work processes based on two decades of experience and dozens of projects for a wide range of industries.

SafeZone Analytics is a full suite of applications for the capture, collection and analysis of personal device data, web content and social media information and network connections. It enables real-time stealth mode identification of mobile devices functioning within radius of its sensors.

SafeZone Detection Suite: Tactical detection and blocking of mobile phones, Wi-Fi devices and wide band transmitters in restricted areas both indoors and outdoors. Combination of RF detection and IMSI catcher Sensors monitored by Safe Zone Monitoring Suite, identify at real time, persistence of radio transmission devices in restricted area.

Bler SolutionsBLER Communication Technologies experts team comprise of graduates from the leading Technology companies in Israel. BLER is committed to provide its clients with technology solutions that are customized to their specific needs while maintaining impartiality of product and/or brand. Our vast experience and universal vision in conjunction with our highly qualified knowledge enable us to provide our clients with superior and reliable service in most of the technology areas.

If you would be interested in the Bler product portfolio, please contact us at to find out how Bler can be of service to you!


5. Mobile World Congress 2017

As every year for the past decade, the Spanish city of Barcelona will welcome thousands of enthusiast telecom professionals to MWC 2017, the most important European fair on mobile technologies.

Israel at MWC 2017This edition, the Israel Pavilion at Mobile World Congress 2017 will provide a centrally located venue for 65 of Israel’s leading high technology companies. We welcome long-participating companies like CommunitakeMer Group and Saguna, which have a proven track record of excellence and have shown a continuous strive for innovation. Next to those known companies, our office would like to present the full catalogue of our 2017 Pavilion and offer our insights and expertise to introduce to you those companies that will elevate your business in the year to come.

Israeli companies will also demonstrate solutions from a wide variety of categories such as: Advanced Networks, Big Data, Carrier Urban & Indoor Coverage, Cloud, Cyber, Device SW, Education, Enterprise Mobility, IoT/M2M, mHealth, OTT&Media and more… ( browse through them here )

Additionally, we are showcasing the 2017 edition of ISRAEL: StartAppNation, our own app store with dozens of Israel’s hottest and most intriguing mobile apps which visitors to the pavilion can experience live on the spot.

Our commercial office offers our Belgian and Luxembourg contacts free scheduling services, in which we propose to visit those companies which have interesting solutions that meet your needs. Following your agenda and availability, we make sure you get one smooth visit in an efficient way. Just contact our office via this link and we will be ready to assist you in any way possible.