Business Opportunities: July 2016

Business OPPORTUNITIESAs a part of our continuous effort to build bridges between the Belgian-Luxembourg and Israeli business-world, the Commercial Department of the Israeli Embassy in Brussels would like to highlight some of the Israeli companies who are specifically looking for business partners in the BeLux at the end of each month.

As August is approaching fast and traditionally will bring professional life in Belgium-Luxembourg to a lower level until August 15th, we wanted to publish this overview a bit earlier, to get your attention before you board your plane to an exotic destination.

The companies below expressed a clear interest in the Belgian-Luxembourg market based on its central location in Europe, the presence of highly qualified companies and clear  opportunities for (inter)national distribution.

If your company would have interest in these offerings or you would like more information on the companies presented, please direct an e-mail to our offices at , titled ‘Business Opportunities July 2016’ and we will connect you to the appropriate interlocutors.


1. SAYVU – Telecommunications / HLS

sAYvU logoSayVU is a Leader in the development and integration of cutting-edge technologies for life saving and improving personal safety of people anytime & anywhere.

Public safety is one of the major challenges facing urban centers today. Millions of residents need to feel safe in a hectic, congested environment. Emergency crisis creates a difficulty to provide a quick, real-time report along with a clear and detailed picture of the nature of the situation and its specific location.

SayVu provides unique proprietary technology delivering personal and public emergency and safety solutions. SayVU also offers a comprehensive range of advanced, innovative Safe City solutions and IOT solutions, allowing national and local authorities to ensure cities are well guarded with fixed and mobile locating capabilities. Their mobile platform offers a comprehensive range of advanced, innovative Home Land Security ,Safe City and IOT solutions, allowing national and local authorities to ensure cities are well guarded with fixed and mobile locating capabilities.

SayVu interest is to explore the potential Belgian-Luxembourg market providing their tailor made solutions for city authorities, first responders and public safety officials.

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2. Goldbar – Industrial engineering

reactor-gold-bar-4Gold-Bar Ltd. is one of the leading manufacturers of process-equipment required for the chemical and pharmaceutical industry, the food processing sector, the oil & gas industry, the petrochemical sector and others.  During the last 25 years Gold-Bar established innovative capabilities and methods related to manufacturing of heat exchangers , pressure vessels , filters and other processing products. All design and manufacturing is executed in house.

Gold-Bar is known for its exceptional ability to design, fabricate and deliver a wide range of tailor made equipment. Gold-Bar is more than an equipment supplier, its orientation towards engineering makes it the perfect partner for leading industries and turnkey contractors. Consulting Gold-Bar engineers will assist worldwide customers not only with the obvious considerations of price and capacity, but also the operational aspects and use of its products.

Gold-Bar is interested in finding Belgian-Luxembourgian partners/engineering firms that can represent them at “end-user” customers like energy firms, the chemical industry, the food industry and others.

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3. STEMRAD – Gamma Radiation Personal Protection

With 435 aSTEMRAD Logoctive nuclear reactors in the world, and 72 new reactors currently under construction, nuclear energy is an important resource that is here to stay, but there are inherent risks that need to be taken into account. When coupling the risk of a nuclear reactor catastrophe with today’s increase in terrorism, first-responders, including firefighters, police and military CBRNe forces, now face many new and unconventional challenges while performing their life saving roles. Since first-responders are the first line of defense, and the first on the scene when it comes to nuclear catastrophes, they face significant risk from exposure to deadly gamma radiation. StemRad has developed the revolutionary 360 Gamma, the world’s first wearable shield that provides first-responders with life-saving protection from gamma radiation.

The 360 Gamma is fully compatible with existing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), such as SCBAs (Self Contained Breathing Apparatus) and firefighter bunker gear, and is optimized to provide first-responders with the mobility required to perform their life-saving tasks in the event of a nuclear catastrophe.

our radiation protection is relevant to the Belgian forces defending the homeland against any attacks involving nuclear power plants or radioactive “dirty” bombs. If a soldier, policeman or fireman were to approach such a threat, he would be exposed to potentially lethal doses of radiation. At STEMRAD, we offer a unique technology that reduces the individual’s risk dramatically by selectively protecting the sensitive bone marrow tissue. Therefor, STEMRAD is interested in corresponding with Belgian-Luxembourgian defense forces, police and firemen, first aid responders and nuclear plant workers.

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4. AGAT Software (SkypeShield) – Telecommunications

SkypeShield is an innovative solution that guarantees secure mobile and external Skype for Business (Lync) connectivity. SkypeShield allows users to safely connect to Microsoft servers from smartphone, tablets, desktop PCs and any other device outside the organization.

agat skypeshield

SkypeShield offers the following security features for mobile, tablets and desktops:

1.Active Directory Credentials Protection – defining dedicated Skype for Business credentials that are different from the Active Directory credentials to minimize damage and risk in case of a stolen or lost device, or if the credentials are hacked.

2.Two Factor Authentication – By matching the device and user, the organization can limit user’s access to Skype for Business servers by using only corporate devices or specific devices that meet the company’s security requirements.

3.Block DDoS attacks & Prevent Account Lockout – prevent account lockout situation in a Denial-of-Service (DoS), Distributed Denial-of-Service (DDoS) and brute force attacks on Skype for Business servers, or in case of domain password change.

4.Reverse Proxy Publishing – scalable, event-driven and secure reverse proxy alternative for Microsoft Forefront Threat Management Gateway (TMG) to publish Skype for Business.

5.Skype for Business over VPN – using Skype for Business on Virtual Private Networks (VPN) in a seamless user experience without compromising on quality of service.

6.Smart Card Login – offer a solution for organizations with a network policy requiring smart card login to allow authentication and user pf mobile Skype for Business.

7.RSA Token Authentication – eliminate the need to use AD credentials for users of secure tokens wishing to connect to Skype for Business servers from external devices and enable Two Factor Authentication based on the token.

8.Edge Access Control – allow secure connectivity to Skype for Business Edge servers from desktops and laptops outside the organization’s network while eliminating the risk of account lockout and verifying that only a registered client can access.

9.EWS Protection – protect the Exchange Web Services (EWS) against account lockout and limit the access to the EWS only from registered device (TFA).

10.MDM Binding – restrict workers to using Skype for Business on managed devices only.

Within the Belgo-Luxembourg market, AGAT Software is looking for Microsoft-authorized software retailers, communication integrators and telecom providers.

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5. D-Vision – Public Infrastructure

D-Vision is a technology-breakthrough provider of vision science solutions for civil and defense applications. D-Vision software-based technology is capable of transforming any 2D video footage into a photo-realistic, accurate 3D model.

D-Vision technology extracts the camera movement from its video footage, creating a video based tracking device. This low cost technology enables data acquisition that can be used for navigation without relying on external references.

Dvision optics

D-Vision is specifically interested in interacting with companies in Belgium and Luxembourg who are maintaining public infrastructure like roads, pavements and tunnels, in providing a 3D-view of the current situation and based on these models decide where improvements should be made.

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6. Mobilicom – Telecommunications

Maritime facilities, vessels, oil & gas platforms, ships, boats and rigs are surrounded by harsh even brutal environmental conditions where communications are often unavailable or require high expenditures. Today, marine facilities are mostly developed in deep water, making them more isolated and far including remote operation and maintenance. In such a reality, communication is a crucial lifeline for daily operations as well as for rescue and missions out at sea.

Mobilicom Logo

Mobilicom’s high-performance, Bound-Free Mobile Private Network® delivers vital communication network to remote crews, units, forces and first-respondents whether on land, air or sea, without the need for any infrastructure.  With ad-hoc direct wireless mobile communication including HD Video, data and VoIP between all vessels, air crafts and stations back to headquarters. All units are fully connected in all aspects of communication.

Mobilicom’s Mobile MESH “self-managed” and “self-healing” topology assures that all units are connected to each other providing redundancy to other units thus extending communications reach beyond the horizon. This ensures connectivity even in extreme harsh conditions with a no-single-point of failure network.

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7. BHI Dental – Life Science

BHI Company belongs to a group of companies, active in the implant and implantology field for more than 30 years. During the last 10 years the group has focused on developing and marketing products that are high-tech engineered designs for optimal performance, based on an analysis of the 50 main parameters of implants and the implantation procedure. BHI is the leader of the ‘digital’ implant niche and its derivatives and its guiding principle is to produce state of the art products that will be at the forefront of technological planning and the professional needs of the field. Moreover, the company offers support to improve the sales turnover of clinics employing BHI’s innovative products for every implant’s category and geographical zone.

BHI products





BHI provides top products and customer support worldwide, offering workshops and personal coaching to general practitioners, implant surgeons and dental equipment distributors who have an ambition to grow. We enable our partners to explore ways to increase revenue, reduce indirect costs and elevate profits by using high-end dental implants designed to expedite the implant placement procedure.

BHI would like to find a local Belgian-Luxembourgian business partner that would be able to promote, sell and distribute their product.

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8. Ha’Lo Hilel – Cosmetics

Halo LogoHila herbal cosmetics ltd, is a young company that believes in the development and production of high quality skincare products that promotes health and beauty as one. The company’s vision is to supply our clientele products made of organic medicinal plants extract, with high therapeutical concentrate, for the best available cost, while never compromising the quality of the product.

Hila Herbal cosmetics Ltd raises the banner on man’s genuine connection with nature. Incredible compatibility lies between the human body and the nature surrounding it. Plants have forever blessed us with solutions to various problems in terms of both health and cosmetic aspects.

Halo LavenderHalo Acne kit










The raw materials we use are carefully selected. They are of high quality and meet the severe worldwide standards set by G.M.P and B.P. The oils and extracts are acquired from both local and overseas agriculturists – some are organically grown. The plant soaking process is carried out physically, without any means of technology, which may harm the quality of the plant.

As sound believers in man’s close relations with nature, we support every aspect in the struggle for preservation of nature, and even endeavor to promote this matter. All packaging of our raw materials undergo recycling, with distinct separation of plastic, paper and glass. We would be delighted to receive any help you may have to offer with respect to our recycling endeavors. After all, our kindness to nature will assure its kindness to us. Our products have never been tested on animals and are approved by the Ministry of Health. Each of our products constitutes a unique and pampering experience designed to bestow upon you much more than mere beauty.

In Belgium and Luxembourg, Halo is looking for natural product partners who might be interested in their product line.

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