Business Opportunities: October 2016

Business OPPORTUNITIESAs the days are getting shorter, clouds are getting darker, waterproof hats and sturdy boots have found their way back to our closets, fall has inevitably took its yearly reign. To prevent anyone from slowly gliding into a pre-winter-sleep, the commercial department of the Israeli Embassy to Belgium and Luxembourg would like to shake things up and introduce our monthly overview of Israeli companies which requested assistance in locating possible Belgian business-partners to introduce their products to the local market this month, as we did for past July, August and September of 2016.

The companies below expressed a clear interest in the Belgian-Luxembourg market based on its central location in Europe, the presence of highly qualified companies and clear opportunities for (inter)national distribution and retail.

If your company would have interest in these offerings or you would like more information on the companies presented, please direct an e-mail to our offices at , titled ‘Business Opportunities October 2016’ and we will connect you to the appropriate interlocutors.


  1. VerumView : Fintech start-up

verumview LogoAs an increasing number of the financial and consumer services we use go online, companies providing these services encounter the need to know as much as possible about the persons sitting behind the keyboard – who they really are, what is their financial status, where they live, what they buy, etc. There is a growing demand for this data to be available in real time, with the minimum necessary amount of friction for the customer, as not to hurt conversion.

The variables we provide can be used for multiple purposes – identity verification, fraud detection, KYC, AML and TF prevention, loan and insurance underwriting, credit and affordability scoring, competitive analysis, targeted marketing and so on. All in machine-readable format, ready for deployment in automated rule engines, decision models and risk systems.

Our system is quickly and easily integrated via an API (a single developer can implement it in a few days). Setup, integration and a trial period to evaluate the product are free of charge.

In Belgium and Luxembourg, VerumView is looking for partners to introduce their technology to the banking world: financial institutions, payment companies, credit providers, card issuers, etc. If interested, contact our Brussels team at .


2. ExposeBox : e-commerce software

exposeboxExposeBox’s one of a kind, comprehensive ecommerce platform quickly learns your customers’ behavior and personalizes their entire shopping experience. That means each time a customer visits your site, they are automatically presented with the most relevant products and offers on every page view. Once they leave your site, a regular cycle of highly targeted emails and web ads keeps them engaged, for better conversions and more return visits. With one step integration and zero maintenance on your part, higher lifetime customer conversions and increased loyalty are just a single click away.

Using the ExposeBox platform you’ll be able to:

  • Tailor the products each customer sees, according to their exact tastes and previous browsing habits.
  • Promote relevant products at the right time & place, adding strategically placed suggestions like ‘Top Products’, ‘Related Products’ and ‘Best Sellers’ on any page, to help you sell more.
  • Generate detailed audience segments, so you can target specific users with appropriate online ads.
  • Show your customers you care with personalized offers & emails tailored to their needs.

In Belgium and Luxembourg, Exposebox is looking for partners to introduce their technology to e-commerce platform operators. If interested, contact our Brussels team at .


3. iGates ICT mobile encryption

Igates is an Israeli mobile software development & training center providing elite solutions & consulting for telecom and mobile markets integrating embbeded systems, mobile and web interfaces.


Our product CONSENSIO redefines the Mobile Enterprise Security and the perspective of Mobile Cyber Security. CONSENSIO is a holistic solution for enterprise safety and provides military grade mobile security for android devices.

In Belgium and Luxembourg, Igates is looking for a local integrator or distributor for their telecom security software. If interested, contact our Brussels team at .

4. MTR Wireless : Smart City development 

MTR logoMTR is a leading manufacturer in the Smart Grid metering industry. Our patented solutions and services are developed to meet the needs of the Water, Gas and Electricity real time AMR with innovative two-way wireless technology and a comprehensive software platform to manage and control an entire distribution network.

Today ‘connectivity’ has become a standard in almost every aspect of modern life, keeping pace with it requires advanced tools and technology. MTR’s Smart Grid infrastructure offers an intelligent and smart proven technology that provides a platform to manage and control the whole AMI (Advanced Metering Infrastructure) solution.

MTRThe MTR grid is a key factor in the long chain of services and features that will make cities smarter and more modern. Integration of MTR’s solutions takes municipal authorities towards the new era of advanced city management.

In Belgium and Luxembourg, MTR looking for potential partners in the metering market in order to integrate their technology into the local products. If interested, contact our Brussels team at .


5. Diacardio:  Mecial Imaging technology 

Today, heart function is evaluated via manual or semi-automatic “readings” of Echocardiograms (“Echo”), sometimes called ultrasounds of the heart. This is a subjective process that is slow, difficult to perform and error-prone.

DiACardio has developed an automated Echo evaluation software platform that will make the process quick, easy to perform and accurate.

DiACardio’s LVivo platform uses algorithms to enable accurate, automatic detection the heart’s ventricle walls borders, and then to track automatically their movement precisely over the duration of the echo imaging video. It uses this reliable data to make a quantitative assessment of the heart’s dynamic performance.

In Belgium and Luxembourg, Diacardio is looking to partner up with Ultrasound manufacturers and PACS developers to provide them with their advanced echo reading technology. If interested, contact our Brussels team at .

6. Accelium:  Educational software

Accelium logoChess masters use the game as a mentoring tool that helps students develop both cognitively and emotionally, taking away useful strategies that can be applied to various problems and domains.

In 1994 a team of Israeli game experts decided to extend the chess mentoring experience to a variety of strategy games, creating a powerful learning tool that is universally accessible. The innovative Mind Lab methodology born out of this venture was soon being taught in 12 languages and over 25 countries around the world.

At the core of our methodology stands the notion that the most effective way to learn is through an immediate, authentic, and engaging experience that leaves one wanting more. Game Playing provides exactly that experience – it’s entertaining, engaging, and exciting and therefore stimulates eager involvement.

accelium picture

The game creates a safe environment where one can practice and apply strategies and thinking tools without fear of mistakes and criticism. The methodology both stimulates learning and effectively simulates real life situations.

Accelium, born in 2015, implements the Mind Lab Method in a game-based virtual coaching environment, using artificial intelligence to develop thinking skills and life skills. Our goal is to give learners an engaging experience that inspires them to continually practice effective thinking strategies, to reflect, and improve their skills.

In Belgium and Luxembourg, Accelium is lloking for distributors of educational software who could be interested to discover the Accelium game portfolio. If interested, contact our Brussels team at .