Business Opportunities: September 2016


Yet again, another month has passed by, letting us picking up the thread slowly after some more than welcome holidays. As Belgium is currently enjoying an extended Indian summer and we are all still in optimistic ‘summer-mode’, the commercial department of the Israeli Embassy to Belgium and Luxembourg would like to introduce a short overview of Israeli companies which requested assistance in locating possible Belgian business-partners to introduce their products to the local market this month, as we did for past July and August 2016.

The companies below expressed a clear interest in the Belgian-Luxembourg market based on its central location in Europe, the presence of highly qualified companies and clear opportunities for (inter)national distribution and retail.

If your company would have interest in these offerings or you would like more information on the companies presented, please direct an e-mail to our offices at , titled ‘Business Opportunities September 2016’ and we will connect you to the appropriate interlocutors


Sector: infrastructure – construction 

Lesico logo 2016Lesico Ltd. and its subsidiaries specialize in sophisticated infrastructure projects. The Group is engaged in developing, planning, financing, building and maintaining projects in the areas of energy, environment, railways, maintenance of broad-flow pipeline systems, and installations in the microelectronics, pharmaceuticals and food industries.

Lesico’s energy division implements complex projects in the field of natural gas including construction of gas lines and installations for reducing pressure and measuring high-pressure systems for the Israel National Gas lines Co. as well as converting and readying industrial plants for natural gas, gas systems and mechanical assemblies for power stations.

Lesico’s Environment Division plans, builds and operates advanced wastewater purification plants for secondary and tertiary treatment, complex pumping stations, desalination plants, sludge treatment plants and reactors for treating smells.

Lesico railway division

Lesico’s Railways Division plans and builds railway projects including railway stations, command and control buildings, and railways built with graves and concrete.

Lesico’s Maintenance Division for Flow Systems is one of the largest in Israel and as part of this vision Lesico provides maintenance and development services for municipal water and sewage systems through long-term service agreements and is available 24/7.

Lesico is looking for structural partners to form international conglomerates to apply to Israeli tenders for national transport projects and wastewater infrastructure projects. If interested, please contact our offices at for more information.

2. Qognify 

Sector: Safety and Security 

Qognify LogoAs of September 2015 Battery Ventures acquired NICE System’s physical security business unit and formed an independent company – Qognify. Under the new brand we will continue to develop our product technology while striving for excellence and innovation. In addition, we will continue to provide our vast customer base solutions for improved security and efficiency along with uncompromising support and services.

More than ever, we are focused on helping organizations mitigate security and safety risks, maintain business continuity and streamline operations.

We help bring all your security and surveillance data together, filtering out the background noise, connecting the dots, and shedding light on their overall significance. Our solutions empower you to take the necessary action, improve the safety, security and efficiency of your operations, and keep a complete audit trail for compliance, training and analysis.

With thousands of deployments in banks, utility companies, airports, seaports, city centers, and transportation agencies, Qognify helps agencies all over the world keep people and assets safe, and is currenlty looking for Belgian parties who could be interested in their offerings.

Qognify will be one of the Israeli security companies present at HLS & Cyber 2016, the bi-annual security conference held in Tel Aviv from November 14th till November 17th, where Belgian Federal Minister Jan Jambon will be one of the keynote speakers. If you would be interested in finding out more about this conference, please contact our department at

3. IDE Technologies

Sector: water treatment 

IDE Technologies LogoIDE leads the water industry with some of the world’s most advanced thermal and membrane desalination plants. We provide small to large cost-effective desalination solutions, such as IDE PROGREENTM, a modular, chemical-free reverse osmosis ‘plant in a box’, and we have an especially well-proven track record in large-scale membrane and thermal desalination, including some of the largest plants worldwide, (e.g. in China, India, US, Australia and Israel). IDE also has a proven experience in ground-breaking industrial water treatment plants that deliver a reliable, sustainable and economical solution for industry.

IDE is developing a growing portfolio of economic green water treatment solutions for municipalities and industry – especially in the areas of desalination, industrial water and wastewater treatment. In creating customized, end-to-end solutions for its customers, IDE leverages its proprietary technologies and skills in project management, operations, support and financing, all built through close to 50 years of leadership in the water industry.

IDE works in partnership with a wide range of customers – municipalities, oil & gas, mining, refineries and power stations – on all aspects of water projects, and delivers approximately 3 million m3/day of high quality water worldwide. Each project and customer has its unique requirements and challenges that IDE strives to meet. Our track record spans 400 plants in 40 countries across over 4 decades.

IDE technologies is looking for interested parties in Beligum to deploy their technologies for desalinization. If you would like to find out more, please contact our offices at

4. FunkierBikes

Sector: sports apparel 

Funkier Logo 2016Funkier Bike designs and manufactures innovative, high-quality cycling apparel at an affordable price.


Originally established in the 90’s as a woman’s fashion company, the cycling devision eventually became the company’s primary focus. The Funkier Bike collection includes cycling wear, helmets and protective gear for men, woman and children, offering three tiers – Active, Pro and Elite. We strive to deliver a superior product and continuously upgrade our designs and material, which has won us global acclaim and awards.

Today, Funkier Bike‘s mission is to provide cyclists around the world with the most innovative, high-end cycling gear at a price everyone wan afford. Our products are distributed in 40 countries around the world in North America, South America, Europe and Asia Pacific. Pro riders in Europe and Olympians proudly race and train in our products, attesting to Funkier Bike’s quality and reliability.

Funkier Bike product range


In Belgium and Luxembourg, Funkier Bike is looking for a local importer and distributor of biking clothing and gear to Belgium and Luxembourg. If interested, please contact our offices at and we will introduce you to the Funkier Bike Team.

5. EST Ecological Systems

Sector: water treatment 

EST Environmental Logo 2016EST supplies environmentally-friendly waste treatment systems for a wide range of organic industrial waste. Thanks to plasma technology, the waste disposal process has become fully ecological compared to current solutions on the market. In particular, we are focused on providing solutions to hazardous and toxic waste streams from industrial sources like pharmaceutical plants, refineries, paint or crop protection and many others.

At EST, our engineers work with our clients and thoroughly study their operations to provide the necessary support services needed to satisfy both present and future requirement for a wide range of industry needs.

EST company picture

Our capabilities encompass everything from initial modeling, through pilot testing of waste streams, system design according to customer requirements, suppling onsite installation/commissioning, to on-going support for full commercial plants.

Our team consist of highly qualified engineers, PhD’s, and technical specialists. They share their thinking, expertise and knowledge to develop the most appropriate solution for each customer.

In Belgium and Luxembourg, EST Environmental Systems is looking for chemical companies who are looking for innovative systems to purify their used water reserves. If interested, please contact our offices at for more information.

6. Erica Carmel

Sector: Medical appliances 

B Cure Laser 2016Erica Carmel produces the B-Cure laser appliance, a clinical soft laser power – in a light, portable, rechargeable and user friendly medical device, for the rapid, non-invasive and efficient treatment of pain, wounds, burns, sports injuries, inflammation, acne, and skin rejuvenation.


The world’s first portable soft laser device with healing power equal to that of full-sized, stationary, expensive soft-laser machines used only in hospitals and superior care facilities, which has proven soothing effect on injurie sin hte following fields:

B cure laser 2016 clinical treatment


B-Cure Laser will be one of the Israeli participants at the Israeli national pavilion at Medica 2016 in Düsseldorf, Germany, next november. If you would have interest in the Carmel technologies or you would like to meet a representative of Erica Carmel on the conference floor, please contact our department at .