During the last decade, Belgian government invested heavily in the creation of a free-to-use digital platform to gather all civil services (federal, regional and local governmental services) and the different private suppliers to achieve a maximum level of transparency for notifications and tenders within the labyrinth of Belgian public procurement.

As this matter has a complicated nature and is heavily procedural, we will try to explain in short how this platform can be of service to the Israeli export efforts in general, and what service our commercial department can provide for interested Israeli parties.

The sheer number of public procurement demands and their financial magnitude is vast. The total investment in Belgian public tenders surpasses €20 billion yearly. Whether these are governmental institutions, public services or specialized medical institutions, an effort is placed in Belgium to publish all calls for works, goods and services on one digital platform, in accordance with European legislation on the publication of public notices.

Last July, the Belgian federal government launched the new centralized module to gather all e-procurement applications in Belgium. This way, the newly created ‘Central User Management’ gathers all services for e-Procurement includes five different modules, of which only the first two are of interest to Israeli exporters at this stage.

This application allows public buyers to publish their notices online. The BDA (National Public Procurements Bulletin) was integrated into e-Notification since 2011. Every public procurement contract can be published at both national and European level. Companies can find publications of interest to them via a tailored messaging service based on search profiles.

This way, our commercial department is notified on a daily basis on the publication of new notices based on the ‘Common Procurement Vocabulary’ (CPV), the uniform European classification system for public procurement, of which you can see the an excerpt of the Belgian platform layout here-under:

As Belgium is a multi-lingual country, notifications are published mostly in one or two of their three national languages, Dutch or French. As it is rather a waste of effort and means for foreign companies to subscribe to the notification system and then translate subsequently each notice which is sent out through the automated system, our commercial department invites you to contact our office to determine which CPV-notifications are of interest to you, so we can translate the basic information and submit only these to you which we deem matching with your interests and presenting a viable opportunity.

We would like to stress clearly that our offices are not equipped nor trained to translate full notices, so we do not provide this service. If the Israeli company is interested to get a full translation in detail, the company should acquire this at own cost by a professional translation service.

Automated e-mail alerts are sent to our office in correspondence with CPV-preferences in the format you can find here-under, which enables us to open the notification and analyze the content:


If an opportunity arises, more information can be provided through mediation of our commercial department with the publishing institution, which can lead to the following step in the e-Procurement process:

If interested, companies submit their tenders/request for participation online, after completing the digital subscription to the e-Procurement plathform. In their tender, the companies attach their files and sign it electronically. As tenders can only be signed by Belgian electronic-ID or by a qualified certificate, Israeli companies can acquire such certificate with companies as ComSign, PersonalID or Comda in Israel.

Buyers open all the tenders/request for participation online and subsequently distribute the documents electronically amongst the members of the evaluation commission. This evaluation committee is obliged by law to respect certain criteria in granting the tender, such as lowest cost or further specified technical requirements.

When Israeli companies would be interested in placing a tender corresponding a Belgian public bid, our department can assist you in completing the subscription to the platform and the presentation of the tender.


If further general information on this e-Procurement platform is needed, you have specific questions or you would like to inform us on which notices you would like to sign in, please contact our office in English at with as subject to the mail: “subscription e-procurement -name company-“ .