MoMinis, an Android game publisher headquartered in Tel Aviv, has raised $6 million in new funding.

In addition to providing free development tools and financing development for some premium partners, MoMinis also runs PlayScape, a virtual environment where gamers can check out different titles and developers can promote their games. The company says it currently reaches 35 million users, including 5.5 million actives and 1 million daily actives, with 100 MoMinis games planned and in development.

To illustrate the platform’s power, CEO Itzik Frid described a New York game developer that previously worked with a leading publisher but received fewer than 10,000 downloads. However, when it partnered with MoMinis, the game saw more than 1 million downloads in a month. Frid also pointed out that MoMinis has been highlighted as a top developer on Google Play — something you can see for yourself in all of its game listings.

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