SMLogox100Over the past two months, I’ve had the wonderful experience of meeting with executives, inventors, designers, and business developers from Spin Master Ltd, a major Canadian children’s entertainment company and a leader in the global toy market. My visits were to help expedite their current visit to Israel where they are looking for partners to bring the next great toy to market. While in Israel, their multi-disciplinary team will be meeting with more than 40 companies to explore innovative technology that Israel can bring to the world of gaming and toys.

My office worked feverously to organize their visit and built close relationships along the way with the Spin Master team.  By listening to their needs and aspirations, we gained a deep understanding of what they were looking for to add to their impressive line of physical games and toys. It was interesting that Spin Master has been changing with the times and over the past decade has built itself into a children’s entertainment company, and not a traditional toy company.  Their visit to Israel is about exploring new and exciting content platforms to meet the demands for kids who have been raised on smart phones and interactive gaming devices.

The company has been very successful in growing its business through partnerships and acquisitions. One of their executives told me that its toy of the year, Bakugan Battle Brawlers™, came about by partnering with an inventive Japanese company that made small, moveable parts. Now in the age of gaming apps, it’s all about next generation technology. Because Israeli technology is highly prized, my office enlisted the help of the Israel Export & International Cooperation Institute to find novel companies offering innovative, fresh and smart technologies for Spin Master to meet.

With so much innovation in Israel’s hi-tech and new media industries, the opportunity seems ripe to bring ‘out of the box thinking’ to the world of children’s entertainment. And that’s where content platforms will make their mark.  Spin Master understands this. Combining Israeli technology with their deep experience in children’s entertainment will likely innovate the next ‘must have’ toys of the future. With digital gaming apps displacing traditional toys, Spin Master sees technology as an enabler to deliver the kind of experiences that today’s kids are constantly craving.

And with Israeli technology on-board, I look forward to seeing them satisfy that hunger.

And to other companies looking to Israel for technology, products, suppliers etc., across all sectors, our office will be only too willing to help in customizing visits and arranging meetings with companies to take you to the next level of your business.

Ran Yehezkel
Consul for Economic Affairs