Alcoa and Israel’s Phinergy Debut Electric Car With Aluminum-Air Battery at Circuit Gilles-Villeneuve (Version francaise suit)

Alcoa, Phinergy and Quebec Government Start Discussions Regarding Deployment of Aluminum-Air Battery Technology in the Province

phinergy_alcoaMONTREAL, June 2, 2014 /CNW Telbec/ – Alcoa (NYSE: AA) and clean technology company Phinergy today debuted a zero-emissions electric demo car powered by a revolutionary aluminum-air battery at the Circuit Gilles-Villeneuve in Montreal. Alcoa and Phinergy are collaborating on new materials, processes and components to commercialize the aluminum-air battery, which can extend the distance an electric car travels by approximately 1,600 kilometers (1,000 miles).

“Automakers want technologies that enable zero-emission electric cars to travel distances that compete with gasoline-powered cars. The aluminum-air battery has the potential to meet that challenge using fully recyclable material with no CO2 emissions,” said Martin Briere, President of Alcoa Canada. “Quebec’s focus on growing electric-powered transportation with the goal of being a leader in green technology, provides a strong backdrop for today’s debut. Alcoa and Phinergy look forward to collaborating with the Quebec government to advance this technology and the potential development of the aluminum-air battery in the province. Furthermore, our aluminum production facility in Baie-Comeau is well positioned to supply the aluminum for the battery.”

“Electric vehicle adoption has been slowed by the limited range of regular batteries, causing what is commonly known as ‘range anxiety’,” said Aviv Tzidon, CEO of Phinergy. “With Phinergy’s technology, and Alcoa’s industrial leadership across both the aluminum value chain and the automotive market, we see an exciting opportunity to help move electric vehicles into the mainstream.”

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Vers une voiture électrique québécoise qui roule longtemps

Le 2 juin 2014 à 11h23 | Argent

Le gouvernement du Québec discute avec le fabricant d’aluminium Alcoa et avec la société Phinergy pour mettre au point une technologie de voiture électrique qui roulerait sur de longues distances.

Les trois parties ont fait une annonce là-dessus lundi, faisant rouler un prototype de cette voiture au circuit Gilles-Villeneuve.

La batterie aluminium-air utilise de l’eau et de l’air pour libérer l’énergie emmagasinée dans l’aluminium. Alcoa et Phinergy cherchent ainsi à prolonger l’autonomie des véhicules d’environ 1600 km. Les moteurs auraient une durée de vie comparable à ceux des voitures à essence.

Québec, Alcoa et Phinergy ont amorcé des pourparlers pour former un partenariat et déployer cette technologie dans la province.

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