Opinion: Israeli innovation comes to British Columbia

10855277The hot and humid breeze of Tel Aviv will never be confused with the wet and damp climate of Vancouver, not to mention the places are separated by nearly 11,000 km.

However, once you get off the beaches, these cities share much in common. Sitting in the trendy cafes and open-concept offices that have surfaced in both cities, you feel the same vibrant spirit in the air as young entrepreneurs and tech-savvy workers chat about their latest ventures and newest inventions.

For Vancouver, as large ocean freighters leave the port with shipments of B.C.’s bountiful natural resources, Canada’s Silicon North stands in contrast with the economy around it. On the other hand, Tel Aviv, situated in the heart of what is known as Silicon Wadi (valley), is one of the main drivers of Israel’s high-tech economy. Over half of Israeli exports are derived from the advanced technology and life science sectors.

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