Portage La Prairie, Valley Of Springs apply innovation for global goals

A Sister City Agreement was signed today between the City of Portage la Prairie in Manitoba, Canada, and the Valley of Springs Regional Council in Israel. The agreement was signed simultaneously at the Embassy of Canada in Israel, and in the City of Portage la Prairie. The two cities have joined together to apply innovation in meeting global goals of food security, environmental protection and enhanced agricultural technology.

Bridgemer Ltd, a Canadian–Swiss group, arranged the municipal pairing to help realize the global potential of these regions. Bridgemer searches globally for innovation in agricultural production, processes and technology to bring newly-developed ideas to market.

Each Sister City intends to facilitate projects in agriculture, education and environmental tourism. According to Daniel Shindleman, President of Bridgemer, “Respect for nature comes both through conservation and improving agricultural technology, enabling society to benefit most from nature’s resources. These are everyday practices for each of the new Sister Cities.”

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