Canada and Israel can forge new partnerships in innovation

ShowImageArticle is written by His Excellency the Right Honourable David Johnston.

Israel, a place steeped in religious significance and history, is known worldwide for innovation excellence. I recognize in this country a kindred spirit – Canada, too, is building a strong culture of innovation. From November 1-3, I will lead a delegation of Canadians on a state visit to Israel – the first by a governor general of Canada – to showcase what our country can do, to highlight the depth of our relationship and to strengthen the spirit of partnership between our countries.

Israelis have shown the world they can compete with the very best. Israel became an innovator and a start-up nation out of sheer necessity. Israelis needed food, so they turned arid land into farmable land.

Israelis needed a way to compete, so they developed a rich research and development capacity that is the envy of many countries around the world. Israelis needed to encourage innovation in subsequent generations, so they created programs and resources to nurture creativity and ingenuity in young people – one of my personal favorites being the use LEGO to get kids excited about engineering.

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