Montreal Mayor Denis Coderre, left, and his Toronto counterpart, John Tory, sign an agreement of co-operation in April. The mission to Israel and the West Bank is their first joint venture abroad.

Get ready Israel – the Canadians are coming.

The mayors of our two biggest cities and a delegation of about 120 will fly to Tel Aviv this this coming weekend for a week-long economic mission that includes several Israeli cities and the West Bank, Nov. 12 to 19.

Toronto’s John Tory and Montreal’s Denis Coderre have slightly different focuses and itineraries for the trip, but both hope it will result in lucrative partnerships.

Tory is stressing business and technology and the nearly 50 members of his team come from those sectors, along with three city councillors.

Coderre is leading a group of almost 70 people, largely from high-tech and knowledge-based industries, as well as institutional, academic and community leaders. While business is the first priority, he looks forward to forging stronger connections in the cultural sphere, research and development, and urban affairs. He speaks of cultivating “people to people” relationships, in addition to encourage trade and investment.

Coderre is taking part in an international mayors’ conference while there, and hopes to sign a new co-operation agreement with Tel Aviv and establish ties with the other cities.

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