3 Israeli companies that could revolutionize the car

161121164453-softwheel-enduro-780x439The first phone calls to investors were met with laughter and derision.

Gal Fridman and his team were pitching a new kind of internal combustion engine. The idea was simple: a single piston firing continuously would be more efficient and compact than anything currently on the market.

 “Nobody wanted to speak with us,” remembers Fridman, the co-founder of Israeli-startup Aquarius Engines. “It sounded so far-fetched that we had to do the first generation by ourselves.”

Fast forward two years and the Aquarius Engine is now undergoing testing at a Formula 1 center in Belgium. Peugeot (PUGOY) is evaluating the engine, and Fridman says other car manufacturers are interested as well.

“We already have three generations of engines,” Fridman says. “I can tell you this is very fast, especially for a country that has no ecosystem of engine manufacturing.”

Israel has earned a reputation as “Startup Nation,” but its innovation has largely focused on high-tech, cyber and medical sectors. Now, it’s moving into new areas.

Here are three Israeli companies working on automotive innovation: Mobileye, Softwheel & Aquarius

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