Inclusive innovation: learning from the start-up nation


Canada’s Innovation Minister, Navdeep Bains. Matthew Godwin writes that inclusivity is key to a successful innovation agenda, and that Canada should look to Israel as a successful model. The Hill Times photograph by Andrew Meade

Inclusivity is a central pillar of the federal government’s Innovation Agenda. By engaging the full spectrum of Canadian society in innovative projects, government can both leverage Canada’s diversity of talent and empower marginalized populations.

It comes as a surprise to most, but Israel is the most relevant model Canada can look to for inclusive innovation. Nobel Prize Laureate and former Israeli prime minister and president Shimon Peres observed the power of harnessing the innovative spirit of his country’s citizens.

“In Israel, a land lacking in natural resources, we learned to appreciate our greatest national advantage: our minds,” said Mr. Peres. “Through creativity and innovation, we transformed barren deserts into flourishing fields and pioneered new frontiers in science and technology.”

Mr. Peres passed away last month, but he left the world a legacy of optimism, progressive thinking, and innovation. Just as the international community has rightly eulogized Mr. Peres as a visionary of peace, we should look to his legacy to learn how technology and higher learning can build bridges across society.

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