Technion System Interprets Twitter Sarcasm


Anybody who writes emails or is active in the social media knows it’s very difficult to express or comprehend feelings online.

Misunderstandings can cause hard feelings or worse. Automatic identification of emotions in the text employs many researchers around the world because of its business potential and scientific interest.
Emotional recognition can be used in social, commercial and other applications and improve communication between the individual and the computer and people using social networks.

Despite the tremendous development in this field, and the successes in sentimental analysis, the existing applications do not know how to cope with a sarcastic language that turns the writer’s intent. For example, if a sarcastic tweet is “The new Fast and Furious movie is awesome,” we will literally miss the point.

Lotem Peled, a graduate student at the industrial engineering and management faculty at the Haifa Technion-Israel Institute of Technology, has developed a system to interpret sarcastic statements. The system, developed under the guidance of Prof. Roi Reichart, is called Sarcasm SIGN (sarcasm Sentimental Interpretation GeNerator).

Please click here to read the full Jerusalem Post article about this Israeli innovation that will be presented at the ACL 2017 language processing conference in Vancouver.

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