From September 12 to 14, Tel Aviv will be filled with professionals from both the Water and Television industries attending the following conferences in their respective fields:

TV Formats Conference 2017

TV Formats Conference

“Israeli television formats have reached new heights in recent years and have been screened on TV networks worldwide. Known as the ‘Start-up Nation’, Israel has also proven her creativity in the global television market.

Weeks before the market opens in Cannes, international buyers are cordially invited to Israel to forge business relationships with leaders of the Israeli format industry who will gather under one roof to share their creative ideas.” ~TV Formats Conference Tel-Aviv 2017

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WATECH Conference 2017


“Exactly a decade ago the WATEC concept was established in Israel, in order to allow water professionals, stake holders and innovators from around the globe to share their experiences regarding the current and future trends of the vibrant water arena.

Israel was a natural choice for such an event, as it is one of the first and fewest countries to successfully overcome its limitation in water resources. This was accomplished through education, intelligent water management and first and foremost implementation of innovative technologies.” ~Elad Frenkel, Chairman, WATEC Israel 2017

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