The Awz HLS Fund invests $4.5 million in NanoLock Security

TORONTO, Oct. 24, 2017 /CNW/ – The Awz Homeland Security Fund (the “Fund”), a Canadian venture capital fund that invests exclusively in leading-edge Israeli cyber security, intelligence and physical security technology, today announced the completion of an additional investment, its third in the last quarter. The Fund, led by Yaron Ashkenazi, CEO of Awz HLS Fund, recently completed a US$4.5 million investment in Nanolock Security Inc., a company that specializes in protecting connected and Internet of Things (“IoT”) devices against cyber security and malware attacks.

“Israel is recognized as one of the world’s foremost leaders in cyber security and is commonly referred to as the ‘start-up nation’ for high-tech innovation,” said Mr. Yaron Ashkenazi, Founder and CEO of the Awz HLS Fund. “There is a growing global need for Israel’s powerhouse security capabilities and expertise. The strategy for our Fund is to invest in companies that are at the forefront of generating real solutions to the most challenging existing security threats.”

In line with this strategy, last month, Awz HLS Fund announced a US$3.5 million investment in Siga Data Security Ltd., a company that develops cyber security technology that protects critical operating and control systems in the Operation Technology (“OT”) space. Furthermore, in June, the Fund announced a US$5.25 million investment in Octopus Systems Ltd., a company that developed a cloud-based management platform that consolidates cyber security, logical and physical security elements.

Israeli high-tech is rightfully considered a leader in the development of integrated security solutions, and NanoLock is another example that offers a unique solution for IoT smart devices. The Fund has identified extraordinary technological advantages in NanoLock’s solution, and it operates in a market potentially worth billions of dollars. The company’s founders are leading cyber and technology professionals with proven capabilities in managing and developing exceptional businesses.

Upon the completion of the investment, Shlomo Oren, Chairman of NanoLock commented: “We are proud of Awz’s confidence in the technological capabilities and business achievements of NanoLock in recent months. The transition from IT to OT and the arrival of billions of endpoint devices with limited computing resources on the one hand and severe security flaws on the other, creates a great demand from leading players in this field. NanoLock brings to the market an end-to-end solution that provides not only powerful protection of endpoint devices but also the required management capabilities. The company is currently investing efforts in working with leading companies from around the world.”

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