Ford Motor Company and Mobileye Partner to Develop Advanced Driver Assistance Systems


Information for article below was gathered from Israel Defence

“Ford Motor Company and Mobileye, an auto tech subsidiary of Intel, announced Monday they are collaborating on cutting-edge driver-assistance systems across Ford’s global product lineup.

As chosen supplier of vision-sensing technology for Ford advanced driver-assistance systems, Mobileye will provide its EyeQ family of devices, together with vision-processing software to support Level 1 and Level 2 driver-assistance systems in Ford vehicles globally.

Level 1 systems are defined by the Society of Automotive Engineers as automating a single part of the driving experience, such as steering or acceleration/deceleration, while Level 2 systems provide both steering and acceleration/braking support. Both require drivers to supervise performance of the vehicle.

Israel’s Mobileye, which was acquired by Intel in 2017, is considered a leader in advanced driving technology. “

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