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Services: Local litigation and arbitration, corporate representation     

category: Uncategorized
Description of Offer: Our company is a leading boutique firm specializing in complex litigation proceedings, particularly those that require skill and expertise in economic law. Since its founding, about two decades ago, the firm has accumulated
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Import: Multi Purpose Print Paper

category: Manufacturing
Description of Offer: The company is interested in importing to Israel A4 paper for multipurpose prints. Paper brands: Chamex multi 80 GSM, Xerox 80 GSM and other similar brands. The company is interested in white
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Export: Fresh agriculture products

category: Agriculture, Food
Description of Offer: The company was established in 2006 and began to export Fresh Herbs from Israel to Eastern Europe and Russia. Since then we have increased our product line and today we export a
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Import/Services/Representation/Franchisee: Construction, industry, agriculture and gardening materials and products

category: DIY, Industrial
Description of Offer: The Israeli company, founded in 1995, is one of leading importers, marketers and vendors in the field of construction materials. It provides a large variety of necessary products in the field of
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