How Israeli AgTech Is Transforming Agriculture Across the Globe

With the Negev Desert accounting for a majority of its landmass, and lacking diplomatic or commercial ties with its neighbors, this small country started with big dreams of making the desert bloom through homegrown ingenuity
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The Ingredients of Israel’s Foodtech Innovation

According to U.N. projections, the current global population of 7.7 billion people is set to reach 9.8 billion by 2050. While Israel barely accounts for one-tenth of one percent of all the world’s inhabitants, the
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Toasting Israel’s Wine Industry

category: Food, Wine
  More than 5,000 years after winemaking took root in ancient Israel, the Israeli wine industry is the toast of millions of oenophiles throughout the world, delivering a rich variety of flavors to wine connoisseurs
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Cooking Up FoodTech Innovation in the Startup Nation

Food and cooking are serious traditions in cultures throughout the world, but the truth is, what we eat is undergoing a major technological revolution. Technology is transforming the food we consume, the way it is
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An Island of Peace

category: Food, Water
This new SodaStream video is exemplary of how a company with a great product can also bring light into the world!
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Tel Aviv Distillery to Sell off Israel’s First Single Malt Whisky

category: Food, Innovation
The city’s Milk & Honey Distillery, which serves up handcrafted, single malt whisky with a touch of style unique only to Israel, will begin online auction of 100 bottles; ‘There is a huge demand now
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SodaStream Targets Bottled-Water Giants with Environmentally Friendly Play

category: Food, Innovation
SodaStream International Ltd., whose stock has risen by more than 300 per cent in 18 months, is aiming to boost sales of its fizzy-drink-making household devices in existing markets. The Israel-based company, which used to
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The Israeli contender in Toronto’s coffee wars smells sweet success

category: Food, Investment
When it comes to running a coffee shop, Anat Davidzon has done it all. As the co-founder of Aroma Canada, she’s been involved in every aspect of the business, helping open and operate numerous locations
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Israel’s Water Miracle & Opportunities for Canada-Israel Collaboration

From Biblical times to Israel’s independence in 1948, the Jewish people’s 3,700-year presence in our national homeland has been marked by miracles. Today, Israel, which is one of the world’s driest countries, has experienced a
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Canada expected to wrap up new free trade agreement with Israel by July: source, and lead trade mission

category: Agriculture, Food
Canadian trade officials will head to Israel this summer where they’re expected to wrap up a new free trade agreement between Israel and Canada, sources said Thursday. Negotiations on the pact have been underway since
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