Slush 2019 Convention Showcasing Leading Israeli Innovators

As an innovative powerhouse that’s pioneered game-changing solutions in fields as diverse as agriculture and cybersecurity (and everything in between), Israel has done far more than nurture and grow a vibrant innovation scene of its
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Israel’s Sustainable Tech Is Powering Clean Innovation

At first glance, these two facts may appear unrelated – but in Israel, innovation and resourcefulness have always gone hand-in-hand. And there’s no better case study than the country’s vibrant sustainable technologies sector. The most
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From Israel’s ‘start-up nation’, 4 lessons in innovation

  “Only a short flight separates Tel Aviv from many European capitals, but the seaside city’s leadership on innovation and its bustling start-up culture can make it seem worlds away. Ranked sixth in the world
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Record-High $3.9 Billion Invested in Israeli High-Tech Companies in H1 2019

A new report finds that Israeli high-tech companies and startups raised a record $3.87 billion across 254 deals in the first half of 2019, with $2.32 billion raised across 125 deals in Q2 alone –
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Agritech 2018 Showcases Israeli Technologies Making the Desert Bloom

Israel is largely a desert nation – indeed, the Negev Desert alone covers 60% of the country. That is why Israel has been forced to become an agricultural technology powerhouse: out of sheer necessity. From
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Israel’s Viola FinTech to Expand Fund Size, Bring in New Partners

category: Investment
TEL AVIV, March 11 (Reuters) – Viola FinTech, a new financial technology fund from Israel’s Viola investment group, expects to bring in new partners and increase the fund’s size to as much as $150 million
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23 Amazing Start-ups from Tel Aviv to Watch

Tel Aviv is alive with tech start-ups and it is a city with an unwavering eye on the future. The second most populous city in Israel, and effectively the country’s business capital, Tel Aviv is
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Homeland Security Fund AWZ Invests $4.25 Million in Cyber Startup Pcysys

The technology of Israel-based Pcysys acts as a “virtual hacker” that detects and warn of system vulnerabilities. Canada-based homeland security fund AWZ Ventures Inc. invested $4.25 million in Israel-based cybersecurity startup Pcysys Ltd., AWZ announced
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Israeli Companies Sold For Whopping $23 Billion In 2017

Israeli companies and startups were sold for a total of $23 billion in 112 deals in a number of exit transactions including IPOs, mergers and buyout deals in 2017, reflecting a 19 percent increase from
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Could this man’s “innovation diplomacy” change Israel’s future, or even the region’s?

Erel Margalit envisions creating technology hubs and infrastructure projects to solve big problems where local officials can work together in ways that national politicians may not. Entrepreneurs need to think bigger, says top Israeli venture
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