Mapped in Israel, see the startup nation

mappedinisraelMapped in Israel,” crated by 18 year old Ben Lang, is an effort to visually represent the sheer number of startups that exist in Israel and illustrate why Israel is so often called “the startup nation.”

Ben Lang is an aspiring entrepreneur who is currently serving in the Israeli Defense Forces, and pursues programming projects in his spare time. (Source: David Zax |October 8, 2012)

This effort was inspired by the Mapped in New York project which is a “visual testament to the vibrant state of New York’s digital industry – showing a powerful constellation of over 500 homegrown startups, investors and coworking spaces across the five boroughs.”

Canadian examples of this type of mapping can be seen in the Montreal Aerospace and Life Science industry maps.

To view the Startup Nation first hand, please visit: